Monday, June 11, 2012

I’m On a Boat…..

Yup that blog title is ALSO a song, one that I had never heard of until this weekend.  Now I am a little in love with it AND it’s fitting because this past weekend I was….on a boat….fo realz!

This weekend was our annual Long Family Milford Camping Vacay…..and when I say “camping” of course I mean, staying in a brand new 2 story cabin with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 flat screens, and a kitchen. I know, it is seriously the epitome of “roughing it.” 

We all rolled in Friday afternoon and the PLAN was to take it easy, Josh was grilling steaks for everyone and then we were going to bed early since we needed to be on the boat we rented by 8 a.m…………well that WAS the plan. What actually happened? We were all up until 4 a.m.!!!! At the time we were all thinking “eh, it’s FINE, we can handle 4 hours of sleep, noooooo problem.” THEN we woke up after 4 hours of sleep and realized we weren’t 21 anymore and we cannot, in fact, handle 4 hours of sleep…...oh yeah and that we had KIDS to take care of. Duh.

Dance recital-Milford 2012 050

Dance recital-Milford 2012 053

Dance recital-Milford 2012 057

Dance recital-Milford 2012 059


Dance recital-Milford 2012 070


Dance recital-Milford 2012 071


Dance recital-Milford 2012 076


Dance recital-Milford 2012 084


Dance recital-Milford 2012 085

We made it to the boat….at 9 a.m………and went to a beach across the lake. The kids had a blast, they were in heaven. The adults were struggling a bit at the beginning but we pulled through and had some fun and lots of laughs. I won’t divulge the details of what had us all laughing so hard our abs hurt, but let’s just say that we were makin’ memories and will have some good stories to reminisce about.

At one point I was laying out on the boat (that was anchored to the beach) and was almost asleep when everyone on the beach got super quiet and giggly. I opened my eyes, and wouldn’t you know those f’ers had untied the anchor and I was drifting out…..alone…..on a boat….that I have NO idea how to drive!! They grabbed the line before I went too far. Assholes.

We had to have the boat back by noon so Josh drove it back to the marina and we all almost died. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but there were huge waves coming over the back of the boat because the water was so rough. It got us all drenched and scared the shiznipp out of the little ones………ok and some of the big ones too (raising my hand right now).

Saturday afternoon consisted of chillin’ at the beach by our cabin. Josh took Pax out fishing while I napped with Harper (she made me do it) but unfortunately they didn’t catch anything.


Dance recital-Milford 2012 090


Dance recital-Milford 2012 092


Dance recital-Milford 2012 097


Dance recital-Milford 2012 107


Dance recital-Milford 2012 112


Dance recital-Milford 2012 122


Dance recital-Milford 2012 128


Dance recital-Milford 2012 136


Dance recital-Milford 2012 142


Dance recital-Milford 2012 149


Dance recital-Milford 2012 162


Dance recital-Milford 2012 166


Dance recital-Milford 2012 171


Dance recital-Milford 2012 186


Dance recital-Milford 2012 190


Dance recital-Milford 2012 192


Dance recital-Milford 2012 198


Dance recital-Milford 2012 211


Dance recital-Milford 2012 212

This picture cracks me up because the boys had just done something they weren’t supposed to and had to come inside to tell Amber and I what they did…..they weren’t happy because they KNEW they were in trouble.

We had a low-key Saturday night and all got to bed pretty early. But not without having some more laughs playing Minute to Win It board game. Seriously, HILARIOUS! I will let the pictures do all the talking.


Dance recital-Milford 2012 214


Dance recital-Milford 2012 218


Dance recital-Milford 2012 219


Dance recital-Milford 2012 221


Dance recital-Milford 2012 222


Dance recital-Milford 2012 223


Dance recital-Milford 2012 224


Dance recital-Milford 2012 225


Dance recital-Milford 2012 226


Dance recital-Milford 2012 227


Dance recital-Milford 2012 228

The weekend went by too fast. It was great to get away and unwind and UNPLUG!! Seriously, I left my phone in the bedroom (I got crappy reception there anyway) and only texted a select few people as needed and didn’t get on the interweb once……….and I SURVIVED. Who’da thunk it?

Next up: Vegas. T-minus 3 days. Get ready.

And just because I thought this was seriously one of the funniest things ever, and I wish I would have thought to do something like this……a little video, for your viewing pleasure:

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey Shortie It’s Your Birthday…….But Not Really….


So I noticed a trend with my blog titles……can you guess it?……. No?…………. It’s always song lyrics. I guess that’s because I am SUPER un-original….that, or because there is always a party in my head with super cool music. Yeah let’s go with that.

So this past weekend was pretty rad. I thought I was going to dinner with my best friend B in Wichita on Saturday. She said she wanted to take me to dinner since she can’t come to Vegas next weekend for my birthday celebration (she is 8 months prego).  And actually my REAL birthday isn’t even next weekend when we are in Vegas, it’s the following weekend………HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH TO ME!! But, I digress…..

Sooooo we are on our way to Wichita and she says she wants to stop by her favorite cupcake shop first because they are giving away free cupcakes until 5. Two things I DO NOT say no to; my pregnant best friend and free cupcakes. So we pull up to the cupcake shop and I am all like:

“Uh B, are you sure they’re open? There are no cars here?”

“Yes Amy, they extended their hours for the day.”

“Uh B, how GOOD can their cupcakes be if they aren’t even busy giving away FREE cupcakes?” (Ok I didn’t say that, but I thought it. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings; remember she is 8 months prego, you DON’T want to piss her off).

So we are walking up to the door of this cupcake shop and I see that the sign on the door says OPEN but the hours on their door say they close at 3:

“B!!! They aren’t open!! Look their hours say they close at 3!! I don’t break the rules, we shouldn’t go in.”

“Amy, get your ass in there, I promise they are open.”

So we walk in and all these people jump out and yell SURPRISE!!

Yes, I almost ruined my surprise party because I was too worried about breaking the rules.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. At first I was thinking “OMG a surprise party for B? Why didn’t anyone clue me in?” Then I saw my Mom and sisters and figured out it was probably for me. Yeah, just call me Nancy mother-freakin’ Drew.

After recovering from my initial shock, I was soooo happy. My Mom and sisters and brother’s fiance all drove up from KC. Apparently this had been planned since March, I am not sure if I was more shocked at the party or the fact all my siblings and my HUSBAND actually kept it a secret for that long!!

My good friends from El Dorado were also there and of course B. I was just so flattered that all of these people came to my party, I felt like a prom queen…..or the popular high school cheerleader I always wanted to be (THAT is a story worthy of it’s own blog post my friend).

So the cupcake shop WAS actually closed, but the back room was OPEN for this super cool girls COCKTAILS AND CUPCAKES BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Oh ye-ah!!


It was a blast!! We got to decorate 5 cupcakes and had coordinating drinks to go with each one, how freakin’ fun is that concept?!?!?!? Baking AND drinking? Seriously 2 of my favorite things (what? you think it should be my kids? Please, they are the reason cooking and drinking are my favorite things!)






After the cupcake party we all went to dinner where I drank a flaming bowl of margaritas…oh yes, you read that right. A BOWL of FLAMING margaritas! It was scary…..and awesome!

It was such a perfect night. I am SO grateful to have an amazing best friend like B who planned this entire thing for me, and for my family who KEPT it a secret and traveled down to be with me, and all my El Do girls who came to hang with me on such a special night. I couldn’t have asked for a better group or a better night.



The birthday celebrations continue next week when we travel to VEGAS with a group of friends and my sister and her husband. And my ACTUAL 30th birthday is the following weekend (the 22nd). Yes, that’s right, I will be 30 and yes I AM celebrating my birthday for an entire month. Don’t judge me. I only turn 30 once…………so I am going to put my party pants on and celebrate the whole freakin’ month!!

“Hey Shortie, it’s your birthday, we’re going to par-tay like it’s your birthday.” And yes….we ARE!!

Stay tuned for our Vegas shenanigans…… but first, our annual family vacay to Milford lake is this weekend. Yeah, my liver is going to hate me after this month….goo!