Friday, September 24, 2010

The Lost Boy.

Hey! Did you know I have 2 kids? Yup, I do! I am sure you thought I only had Harper since I blog about her all the time but don't be fooled, she has an older brother named Paxton.....Ok, ok I am joking, I do mention him from time to time and even include some pictures of him! The only reason I blog about Harper so much is because she doesn't have a baby book (I know, 2nd child syndrome) and so this blog is her baby book.

Sooo....tonight I will do a post on my first born, my little man, my best friend (he asks me on a daily basis if we are best friends) cause he is one neat little guy. In a little over a month (November 1st) he will be 3!!! He is doing so much these days! He talks constantly, I mean seriously ALL THE TIME! One day my sister Sarah was riding in the car with me and Pax was talkin away in the back and she looked and me and said "does he ever stop talking?" Nope he doesn't. He started talking when he was 1 and has not stopped since. He talks really well too, I have been mentoring in a kindergarten class and it baffles me how many 5 and 6 year olds can't talk very well. I am super lucky to have a child that can communicate with me because I am sure it would be very frustrating if he couldn't. Some things he says on a regular basis:

"Mommy you still my best friend?" Usually after he has gotten into trouble
"Mom/Dad/Sissy you are freakin me out man" No idea where he learned this but it's hilarious
"Just chill out" usually when I am rushing him to buckle his seatbelt cause we are late
"Hi Princess girl" to Harper

These are just a few, literally he says new funny things on a daily basis. I really should start writing them down cause I always think I will remember them but I don't. Like tonight at bed, he talked for about 30 minutes about animals getting out of the zoo and coming into our yard and playing, and did I lock the doors so they couldn't get in? WHAT!!!! I really want a flip camera for Christmas so I can video some of these conversations we have and then upload them. Cause sometimes I leave his room and think "did we really just talk for an hour about THAT?"

Some other things he is doing is:
Goes to the bathroom by himself, he has to take his pants and underwear completely off, but he puts them back on (most of the time inside out) and then does "germ bugs" which is germ x that we keep on back of the toilet. Funny story- Josh got up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago cause he heard Pax in the bathroom so he went to help him, and I guess Pax threw a fit cause Josh forgot to give him the germ x!! That's my kid! Josh asked me "what kid freaks out about germ x at 3 am?" I said "my kid Josh, germs don't sleep!!!"

He dresses himself! Omigoodness I thought this day would never come and now that it has I love it!! In the morning we just lay his clothes out and he gets dressed. At night when it's bath time I wash him up then I leave him to play (don't worry the living room is right by the bathroom I can hear him the whole time) and then when he is done, he puts all his bath toys away, drains water, gets out of tub and puts his towel on then comes out and gets dressed. Now if only Harper could do this, I wouldn't be needed for anything but cooking, cause c'mon they have to be at LEAST 5 to be trusted with the stove and oven right?

He is just super independent these days, we don't MAKE him do any of this, he WANTS to. It makes me a little sad though cause I realize he isn't a baby anymore and the older he gets the less he is going to need me until one day he is a grown man and I have been replaced by his girlfriend, wife, etc.......WAAAAHHHH!!!

HE.LOVES.SPORTS! He would rather watch sportscenter than nick jr, his father has created a monster. He asks me all the time "Mom do you like the Wildcats or the Bears more?" (Chicago Bears) and I say "the Wildcats" and he says "Dad and I like the Bears". But don't worry cause he loves the Wildcats too, or else he would be sleeping outside. He has a real K-State football helmet that the team gave us last year and he wears it everyday, as soon as he gets up. That stupid thing probably weighs as much as he does, but he puts it on and then makes me turn on football and he runs around and pretends he is playing. He will even tackle Harper, and she just sits back up with this annoyed look on her face like "freak" but she doesn't cry. She will be one tough cookie thanks to her brother. He is playing soccer right now, he has to be 4 before he can play football so I am guessing this is the only year he will play soccer cause he is a football man.

Ok, I could go on forever. This is what I get for never doing posts on him. I do keep a journal by my bed that I write down important dates and things that the kids do so believe me I haven't forgot about him. He is a great kid, not perfect by any means, but a good little man who listens MOST of the time, has good manners, says his prayers, thinks his sister is the best thing since sliced bread and his parents are his best friends. I love him so much, he is a true blessing to us and Harper is lucky to have him as her big brother.

Here is Paxton a year ago at first K-State game of the season.....

And here he is THIS year at the first K-State game:

Last year with his partner in crime Aiden, at my Dads house.....

And this year at Dads house..... they have a new member in their little posse!!

Did I mention he worships his Papa? Cause he does.


Paxton David, I love you so much. Thank you for letting me be your Mommy and your best friend. You have been our little spitfire since the day you were born (remember when you decided you wanted to give us all a heart attack and make Mommy have an emergency c-section?) but we wouldn't have it any other way cause that's just how our Pax is. I love our silly (and sometimes confusing) conversations, our silly fights, your stubborness (wonder who you get that from?) your humor, and your love for your little sister. You are my favorite son and I love you so much, kisses, hugs and nose kisses from your Mommy (that's the order we do it at night before bed).

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