Monday, June 4, 2012

Left, Left, Left-Right, Left…….


I NEED to start blogging again, it’s good for my soul….AND my sisters have been harassing me about my lack of posts lately. So I figured what better way to start than linking up with Ashley for a Move it Monday post. One perk of getting up to workout at 5 am is that now I have a little down time before the fam wakes up.

Today was the first day of stadium bootcamp with this gal here:


Jess is a freakin’ rockstar!! She is an amazing runner, a devout “clean eater” and a stud athlete. Her body is ridiculous, I mean ra-dic-a-liss!!!

side-note this is as far as I got this morning before the kids woke up so now I am finishing it during naptime. But really nobody is napping, Pax is watching his show and Harper is yelling at me from her bedroom because she doesn’t want to take a nap. She is even trying to suck up to me by yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA” (it’s NOT my birthday).

I have done other bootcamps in the past, and I LOVE them! It’s a good change-up from my normal routine and I love being outside. That being said………..this wasn’t anything like the other bootcamps I have done, this was like bootcamp on steroids. It made those other bootcamps seem like a walk in the park. It didn’t help that there was 90% humidity this morning with NO BREEZE even at 5 a.m.!!

I was drenched in sweat by the time we were done, and pretty close to puking. Here is a conversation I had with my friend B when I got to work this morning. B is also a trainer and good friends with Jess:

Me: “B! I thought she was going to go easy on us since this was the first day and all.”

B: “Uh, she WAS going easy on you.”

Me: “Shut-up, (nervous laughter), whatever (more nervous laughter), you’re just trying to scare me.”

About 20 minutes passes, we are sitting in our cubicle together, I turn to B,

“Hey B, you were just kidding about Jess going easy on us right?”

B: “No.”


I go again Wednesday morning……..that is if I can still walk by then. My legs were shaking while I took a shower this morning, hmmmmm maybe it was the 300 lunges we had to do, or the 500 high knees, or maybe the 200 mountain climbers. It’s anyone’s guess really.

Here’s to hoping I can at least sit down to pee tomorrow!


  1. woo girl! boot camp sounds intense!! good luck with the whole walking thing :).

  2. Good job sis! Just remember your burning LOTS of calories while the rest of us are sleeping and getting fat

  3. Way to go Amy! I am so jealous right now. I am ready to get back into shape after baby,school,baby my mind/body is craving a good run/workout! It may really suck when your doing it but that sense of accomplishment later makes it all worth it! Keep up the good work!

  4. Oh yeah, one more thing, I am trying my darndest to get myself back into blogging too. I am still trying to get myself back into this stay at home mom schedule and mentally organize my thoughts enough to create a decent post. You are so right though it is good for the soul. Instagram has also made it a little easier to slack on the whole blogging bit.

  5. Good job! I am jealous! There is no way I could hang in that workout at this point!