Thursday, August 23, 2012

And Then There Was None….

Both my kids started school this week……yes even Little Miss! Let’s have a moment of silence…. hell let’s have 2 hours of it while Pax is at school and Harper is napping!!

It’s been kind of a whirlwind week, we never planned on starting Harper already, she won’t even be 3 until December. However, things just worked out that she was able to start at the preschool Pax has went to the past couple years and Pax will now only be going to the Early Childhood program at a local elementary school in the afternoons. Our schedule (read MINE) is going to be hectic shuttling kids to and from school, but they are both so happy about going that it is all worth it. Pax goes Mon-Thurs afternoon 12-3 and Harper goes Tues & Thurs mornings- 8:30-11.

Pax has had NO problems adjusting to being in a big elementary school with tons of kids. The building (which is brand new, and super nice) is set up very well and the early childhood kids have their own wing and playground. He loves school and if he had it his way, he would go all day every day. One more year and he will be, sad face.








These are the only pics I got, kid hates having his picture taken!!

Harper and I went and picked out new shoes and a backpack for her yesterday…….Here is what she picked:


And the shoes light up…..nope not a girlie girl AT ALL. Ok who am I kidding, I totally love it. This is why I wanted a girl, I LOVE the pink, and the Barbies, and the princesses, I love all of it. Feminists snicker away, I don’t give a shiz, I am like BRING ON DA PINK!!

On the way to take her to school today Pax was giving her lots of advice since this was his school for 2 years:

“Stand with your back against the wall and stay in a line.”

“Do NOT leave the classroom by yourself.”

“ALWAYS raise your hand to speak and wait for Mrs.Coslett to call on you.”

“But the MOST important thing is…….more important than raising your hand…… good!!”

I told Harper there were going to be books to read and she said:

“Oh Mickey Mouse?”

Me: “Uh not sure, Pax are there Mickey Mouse books?”

Pax: “No just books about God, and Jesus.”

Harper: (nodding) “Oh yeah, I like Jesus, he’s my favorite.”


I knew there would be tears when I left her, she has been with me every day since she was 8 months old and we stopped going to daycare. Of course she goes to kid zone in the mornings but she knows my desk is right there and I am only a few feet away. I knew this would be hard for her, I dreaded the moment the teacher had to peel her off of me, kicking and screaming…………..

Except none of that happened. NONE! She walked in like she owned the place and then when it was time for me to leave she would barely looked up from her puzzle to say bye! When I picked her up they said she did great! Hrrrrmmph (that’s my pouting sound).








Of course I am glad she did so well, I don’t want my kids to get upset or miss me……..but would it kill ya to shed maybe ONE tear kids? I mean I am the woman who spends every day with you!

I must say, the afternoons are GLORIOUS now. Harper naps and Pax is at school and I have 3 hours of FREEDOM (cue George Michael), ya know to do important stuff like laundry, dusting, cleaning…..or sitting on my arse like I am now, blogging!!

So it’s official, my kids are all grown up. There is no turning back now. Today preschool; tomorrow high school, parties, DRIVING, curfews, slamming bedroom doors, “Mooom you are soooo annoying and soooo not cool” (said as I jam out to Michael Jackson or Journey), football games, proms, first loves, first heartbreaks, and all that other fun stuff that come with teenagers.




So I am going to treasure these moments when they just leave for a couple hours and then are back safely with me. I am going to treasure these nights when they still think it’s cool to sit down together as a family and talk, I am going to treasure our busy schedule and all the driving I have to do because at least it’s ME driving and not them (Lord, I do NOT even want to think about that day, hopefully they drive better than they walk.) It will all be over too soon, and I will be sitting in an empty house, surrounded by quiet and thinking:

“when did my babies grow up?”

Because they’ve already started to.




  1. :'( our babies are growing up toooooo fast!!!

  2. wah :*(!!!!! My babies are growing up. I am SO shocked that Harper didn't cry when you left. Must have been big brothers advice that helped her. Can you please move to KC so Pax can be Collins big brother too. His advice is awesome and I'm gonna need someone to teach her the ropes.