Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Femoral do you even say that?!?!

Today we took Pax to an Orthopedic specialist. Since he was a baby we knew he was going to be pigeon toed but the pediatrician reassured us it was normal and he would outgrow by the time he was walking well...............well not so much!!! Lately it has gotten so bad that he literally trips over his own feet every time he runs, and his poor legs are covered in bruises. I brought it up with our new pediatrician at the last appt. and she thought it was concerning enough to send him to a specialist. We took him to Dr.Librodo here in El Dorado today and he told us the problem is NOT his feet but his hips!! It's called femoral torsion and basically (from what I can translate from the medical literature he gave us and what I have read online) his hip bone/thigh bone twists inward causing his entire leg to turn inward including his feet. Good news does not require surgery or braces, bad news will get WORSE the next few years before it gets better and it can take up to his teen years to correct itself. This worries me because he will be in school in a year or 2 and I know how cruel kids can be (believe me I know, I was one of the mean ones)!!! The doctor did reassure us that it will not affect his ability to play sports and actually sometimes children with this problem run faster than other kids. This was a huge relief to Josh, me not so much, c'mon we all know my athletic abilities are quite questionable. I DO want my children to play sports though so I guess it was good to hear that. So basically we have to go back every 6 months for observation and I guess just grin and bear it when he falls every 5 SECONDS!! Better go stock up on the neosporin and band-aids :) Here are some pictures of what it looks like, I realized I don't have any of Pax that show how bad it's gotten, but it is definately noticable these days. It sure doesn't slow him down though :)

His is the internal femoral torsion

Oh yeah and Harper is doing GREAT! She will be 4 months old on Friday so you all know there will be a lengthy blog in the near future with all sorts of updates and pics.....duh!!! Until then I leave you with this photo of her sleeping, it's one of her favorite things to do and she is VERY good at it!

Do you see the toy on her arm. She was laying beside me on the chair just playing with the toy and all of a sudden I look down and she has fallen asleep. She does this a lot, she just gets tired and goes to sleep wherever she's AWESOME!!

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