Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad……….

Name that show!

So we are in week 4 of half marathon training, I can’t believe it has already been 4 weeks, cray-cray!!

To say it is going well would be a lie. A flat out, bold-faced lie. Someone (pointing at myself) got a little cocky at the beginning since this will be my 3rd half marathon so I was all “pshaw, I got this shiz, I am a pro. I can run in my sleep” And then reality smacked me in the face with a 2x4….hard. The first run wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great either (already blogged about that, so let’s skip the deets).

The 2nd run………..uuuuuuhhhhhh, well I didn’t really make it to that one. Somehow 2 bottles of wine ended up down my throat the night before so I pretty much felt like death the next day. I have never, never missed a long run before, so the guilt pretty much slayed me….well that and the hangover I was suffering from. Don’t worry everyone, karma is a huge B and punished me by having FOUR (count it FOUR) different sales people come to my door that day. What the shiz? In all the years I have lived here I think 2 sales people have knocked on our door, but the day that I just want to dig my own grave and die from my vino headache….I have FOUR!! No the humor of the situation is not lost on me…..laugh it up, laugh it up.

3rd run……………Sucky balls, sucky balls, sucky balls. Holy hell, it was about a bajillion degrees with no wind, damn you Kansas summer, you are a cruel whore. I struggled from mile 1 and just went downhill from there. Finally after about 4 miles (we had 7 that day) I stopped to walk and almost passed out. Yeah, I’m that cool. My coach made me call our head coach B to come pick me up. I pretty much wanted the ground to swallow me when she pulled up to get me and runners are passing us. One of them happened to be my friend Jess, who was 3 miles out from finishing 20 MILES!!! And then there is me, who can’t even finish 7, total failure. It was by far the worst run I have ever had and as bad as I felt physically, I felt way worse mentally. I really beat myself up about it and let it get in my head all week so I was pretty worried/stressed/dreading the run last Saturday……

Which brings us to run 4, seven miles again. 7 miles has never been that hard for me, it isn’t until we get to the double digits that I really start worrying, but after the run the week before, I was really scared. But never fear, it went pretty well. Definitely not my fastest run, but I felt pretty good the whole run and my main focus wasn’t my speed but just getting over that mental barrier I had put up and proving to myself that I could do it, that last week was a fluke and today was a new day. It’s insane how much of running is mental. If you start putting up mental blocks and doubting yourself, it doesn’t matter how in shape you are, or how long you have been running, it is the most detrimental thing to your run! So I think I am over it now, I put my big girl panties back on and feel like I am ready to get back in the game.

Running group photo after our run last Saturday….channeling Usain Bolt.


Oh yeah, did I mention that I did a 5k Glow Run last Saturday night? It was a BLASTY BLAST!!!

Uh yeah, that stain on my shirt? A glow stick threw up on me!! And it stained too! Not cool, running gear is expensive.

Our medals were pretty pimp for a 5k!

As for Weight Watchers, I am down 8 pounds in one month. I was hoping for 10, but hey a loss is a loss right? And to know that I did it with (gasp) eating healthy and working out makes it even better. The weekends are my weak spot, after my long run on Saturday’s I am all like:

“hey, I just ran x amount of miles………I sure as shit can eat nachos, hamburgers, chips, cookies, etc. Calories don’t count!!”

But they do. Damn.

Kid update:

Pax- starts school next week. His schedule is going to be crazy this year. He isn’t old enough to start Kindergarten (won’t be 5 until November) so to get him ready for all day Kindergarten NEXT year, I have him enrolled in 2 different programs. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s he will go to preschool in the morning and early childhood in the afternoons. Tuesday and Thursday’s he will just go to early childhood in the afternoons and Friday’s he will go to just preschool. Who wants to bet that I drop him off at the wrong place on a weekly basis? Yeah I think so too.


He is going to play flag football this fall and I think I am going to put him in Tae Kwan Do as well. I mean let’s just be as busy as possible and really stress Mom out, mmmmkay?


Harper- Baby girl has to have surgery in the morning, boo. She is getting a 2nd set of tubes in and her adenoids taken out. She had a lot of ear infections this past spring and over the summer so a 2nd set of tubes is necessary. I am not too nervous about it, I know it’s a really simple and common procedure. I am just dreading the moment they take her away from me. She is going to be a HOT MESS!!! Ok, so I will be too I am sure. Page the doctor and get me a sedative please and thank you.


She has been all about singing lately, she sings all.the.time. Even at 2:30 in the morning, not even joking! She will wake up and start singing at the top of her lungs, it’s not so cute at 2:30 in the morning though! She also has to sing a song before she goes to bed, she just makes up her own words, today at naptime it went like this:

“Mommy is so meeeean, she make me go to beeeeed. I no want to sleeeeeep, I want to plaaaaaaaaay.”

Thanks Harper


Funny story, the kids were in Kid Zone one afternoon and the girl that works in there came over to my desk and told me that Paxton had just given Harper some big brother advice. Harper was wearing a dress and she is not very ladylike when she wears dresses and I am always getting onto her to sit nicely so her panties don’t show. Well I guess she was rolling around on the ground and not being very demure, if you will, and Pax went up to her and said:

“You close your legs when you wear a dress! You are acting inappropriate, don’t show people your panties……EVER!!”

She said he was so serious too. Ha! I love it, this is exactly why I love that she will have a big brother, looks like he is going to take the role very seriously!

dancing 036

“Nobody better mess with my Sister……grrrrr.”

dancing 071


I took this the other night, raise your hand if you are lovin’ this cooler weather (whoop whoop, pointin at myself right now).  Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Crying now. My heart breaks just thinking of them taking Harper back tomorrow morning. That song of hers is pretty great though. I hope she sings them a song as she falls asleep before surgery :)

    Pax's advice is awesome. He is going to be such a great big brother. And omg his weekly schedule! I know somebody who is going to be sleeping good at night. You should probably tape his schedule on your steering wheel so you know where to take him on which days.

    So did you run that morning with the hangover or not? I'm confused. SSOOO funny that many sales people came to the door. What are the odds?! AWESOME job on the weight watchers. 8lbs down is so great. Stop putting yourself down. Love ya sis!

  2. You will totally rock this 3rd half. I'm not worried. Now that it is cooling off a bit running is so SO much easier. And I'm totally jealous of the glow run. I didn't do the one in town and now I really wish I would have! Looks like fun.

    8 pounds is awesome, you rock!