Monday, April 13, 2009


The Hall family had a great Easter weekend! Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny day! We went to our church Easter carnival where Pax got to play games, and won lots of prizes (which he loved)! We went and ate at Willies after that (shocker) and then headed home for a much needed nap. When Mommy and Pax got up we started dying eggs which Pax thought was just the greatest thing cause he was able to make a mess and get dirty and nobody cared!! We then headed outside to do an Easter egg hunt since Sunday was supposed to be rainy and cold (and it was). Pax found all the eggs, then proceeded to dump the candy out in the yard. Sunday was a yucky day weather-wise so we went to church and then had a late Easter lunch and hung out inside all day. Pax loved all the attention from family though, so he didn't care that we were stuck inside. Josh and I are finding holidays are so much fun now that Pax is getting older and can do more things. We have a great time seeing him light up at the most ordinary things that we don't even look twice at. It truly is like seeing the world for the first time when you have a child, everything is new and wonderful to them and it teaches you to never take anything for granted. I am grateful my son is teaching me such life lessons and he doesn't even realize it!

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