Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Harper 3 months

My baby is 3 months old today, and I know I say this every month but I REALLY can't believe she is already 3 months old and time REALLY is going so fast!!! She is cooing, smiling and pretty sure she giggled for first time at tonight. I don't have any weight or height stats since she won't go to doctor till next month but she FEELS heavier and is definately longer (dunno why but my babies are always so long!!) She is a fabulous sleeper (insert hallelujah chorus here), she goes to sleep about 8 pm every night, I wake her up and feed her at 10pm before I go to bed to ensure she is nice and full for the whole night and she sleeps till about 5 am. I would LIKE to get it to 6am or 6:30 since this is when I get up and I have to wake her AGAIN at that time so I can nurse then pump before getting in the shower. Usually she is not hungry yet (but of course she eats) so ideally it would work better if she would just sleep till 6, I have been dropping hints to her, but she isn't pickin up what I am throwin at her :) But hey I am not complaining, her big brother didn't sleep like that till he was almost a year so this is a dream come true for me!! She also puts herself to sleep already, I will wrap her up real tight, put binky in, turn on her aquarium music thingie and she stares at it for a while then eventually falls asleep.........YIPPEE!!!! Again her big brother had to be TRAINED to do this at about 6 months of age and he fought us hard and usually won, so this is heaven for us. She is in her own room now, I hate having to get out of bed when she wakes in middle of the night, cause usually it's just because her bink fell out and I need to put it back in, but she was getting really restless in her cradle and that was keeping me up at night so it was definately time for her own room. I love having a boy and girl, they are so different but each of them are unique and I love them so much. Pax is my wild man, always talking, running, playing, etc. Harper is just so calm and content, she will just lay there and check everything out, I usually forget she is even there!!! I can't wait to see how different/similar they are as they get older.

Pax is sleeping better at night, I think he is still afraid of the dark, but now if he wakes up in the middle of the night, we just tuck him back in and give him a kiss and he is good. No more fighting and begging to stay in bed (phew)!! Potty training is still going well, we have accidents every now and then, but usually it's cause I forget to ask/take him but he is doing really well about telling us when he needs to go. I truly can't believe how easy it was to potty train him, I thought it would take FOREVER! I love not buying diapers for him, it's great!!

We are heading to Manhattan for the weekend on Friday (as long as it doesn't snow again and cause us to turn around halfway, hey it's Kansas it could happen) and I can't wait to see my brother and get my haircut from my girl Jodi. Hopefully I do better at taking pics, I have been kind of slacking lately! Here are some I snapped the last week, all kind of random but that's our life :)

few pics of her sleeping, she always has her arms up by her head.

I love watching her sleep, she is just so precious.

can ya see the fat rolls on her legs?... I love it!!!

my kiddos

Pax runs into her room when she wakes up and yells at me "Mommy sissy's awake!!" (as if I didn't already hear her).

one of my faves, she is smiling at me after waking up from her nap, she is always so happy.

"shnuggling" after reading books and before we say prayers at bedtime...we have a whole list of people we pray for at night and if we miss one he WILL remind us!!

kisses for sissy



  1. omg SOO cute! I just showed everyone at work... im such a proud aunt. That outfit harper has on it adorable. Its kind of green, she could wear on saturday for the parade!!

  2. lloovvee the pics! Harpers chunky legs are adorable! That pic of her and Pax on the couch is also adorable. Is that the pink polo dress Tony got her? I can't believe it fits! That green shirt is SO cute. We need to work on dressing Pax up more often though. That shirt is not green enough for the parade, keep looking. ok I am done obsessing over the 2 of them now :)

  3. Amy I am happy to hear you have a good sleeper this go round (it gives me hope for any future little ones!) Will you tell Sarah hello for me if you get a chance and congrats on the engagement! I get my hair done with Brenda and she gave me the update. Sarah should start a blog too!

  4. they are so cute, wow 3months...times flies:(

  5. Hey Emily! Thats my post above yours. I don't have my own blog but I stalk my sisters, yours, and a couple others :) Thank you on the congrats! Can't believe Brenda knew, haven't talked to her in forever! Will is adorable...time for another!