Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a busy weekend and for once I actually had plans ALL weekend (that never happens)! Friday I had a YMCA benefit that I went to/worked at. Saturday my sisters and Mom came to visit, we had Ella's 3rd birthday party to go, and an engagement party for Josh and I's friends (I only stopped by for a minute at that party cause I wanted to go home and spend time with my sisters). Sunday after my sisters left, Josh me and the kiddos drove to Newton to have a birthday lunch for Josh's Grandpa then went to the nursing home to visit his Grandma. She has alzheimers and has been going downhill pretty fast, but luckily she was having a good day and recognized all of us and was so happy to see us!!! I am so happy she was having a lucid day, it's been hard to see/hear about her bad days and it seems like the bad ones outnumber the good ones. She is an amazing lady and it's been very hard on the whole family to see her like this. We got home late in the afternoon and we have just been hanging out in our sweats trying to decide what to do for dinner. Sadly the only pics of ALL these activities that I got was from Friday night at the benefit, I was a total slacker with pics! I did take some today of the kiddos though. The weekend went fast and I already miss my family so much, I love when they come visit, they are my best friends!!

YMCA After Hours at District 142 benefit night!

I had made bacon wrapped water chesnuts that night but they were gone FAST!!

This was the band, Road 23, they are a Christian band are they are good!!

ummmm yeah, my sister brought down her carseat and base for Deb to have in her car and we found Pax in it right before we left for Newton...what a dork.

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