Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hi My Name is Amy and I am a Mommy Guilt-Oholic.

So a blog I just recently started following http://www.binreallife.com/ (check it out and be prepared to laugh your buns off cause this lady is all sorts of hilarious). ANYWAY she is starting a bad Mommy rehab where bloggers can kick that nasty habit (a.k.a "Mommy guilt") to the curb once and for all, or at least for one day! So on Mondays you are supposed to write a post on how you are a rockstar Momma, and I totally meant to do this yesterday....but I forgot (hee hee). So it may be a day late but here is my post.

Before I begin, might I just say that I know I am among the millions of Mommies who lay in bed at night thinking "holy cow am I totally f-in my kids lives up and causing them to be in therapy for years to come because I let Pax watch that extra half hour of Dora or left Harper in her jumperoo for close to an hour so I could get stuff done?" or "will my kids have attachment issues with me because I (gasp) send them to daycare and work out of the home?" and of course "am I too harsh with my child because I may or may not (ok I did) raise my voice (loudly) when he was trying to drop kick his sister?" You get my drift. These voices in my head keep me up for hours on end and it's time to silence them!! Ha, yeah right but MAYBE this will help shush them for a little while, without further ado.....

Why I am a good Mommy

-my son is one of the most polite persons I know, adults included!! I taught him at a very young age to always say please, thank you, and your welcome. Now it is like second nature to him. It is appalling to me when teenagers come into the Y and have no manners, I just want to grab them by their chin (if I wouldn't get arrested) and say "remember your p's& q's!!"

- I make a fun breakfast every weekend and by fun I mean NOT cereal :) Usually it's muffins (from a mix) or (canned) cinnamon rolls but sometimes I get all crazy up in here and will make breakfast burritos or HOLLA some yummy "tastes just like donuts muffins" from scratch (seriously this is the name of them and they really DO taste just like donuts!!) We are always running around like crazy in the mornings during the week and are lucky if we even remember to feed the kids (joking......sort of) so this is my way of making it up to Pax for feeding him cereal bars or graham crackers or dog food for breakfast all week. And of course I enjoy the tasty treats myself (the scale can vouch for that).

- I bathe them on a regular basis, and before you judge me for even typing that, please know that my husband works nights so bath time is a one woman show around here, and that my friend is no easy job!!! Same goes for bedtime, as in they have one, the same one, every night!!! Again, no easy task when it's just you against 2 kids, but routine and schedule is uber important to me so I do it...............and then I collapse from sheer exhaustion after both are bathed, in bed, and sleeping. Put a fork in me, I am done.

Ok that's it for now, enough gloating and patting myself on the back. Now you can do it (all 7 of my followers). Get rid of your Mommy guilt and write how you are one kick butt Mamacita!! If you don't have a blog (my faithful facebook friends) write me a comment at the bottom here. Let's liberate ourselves!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok that was a little much, let's not go burn our bras or anything!)

By the way, while looking for pics for this post I realized I have like TWO pictures of just me and the kids!! Please note the date on this picture....May!! Just feels weird to say "hey take my pic with me and my kids" I feel like I am saying "hey I am so cute and my kids are so cute so please take a picture of just us, thanks" is that Mommy guilt again? I think it is.


  1. This post made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing Amy! I may have to share some of my own....when I can grab some extra minutes!

  2. that is awesome....loved it! i hear ya girl :)