Monday, August 23, 2010

Innocent Until Proven Guilty....

Of being a bad Mommy that is.
Hello My Name is Amy and I am a Mommy Guilt-Oholic. Soooo it's rehab Monday and I missed last week so I have been searching my mind trying to think of a really good example of how I am a kick butt Mama. I mean I know I am a good Mommy but nothing stuck out to me that makes me a really cool Mama......and then it happened, just tonight actually, a Mom's nightmare come true. Let me set the scene....

The kiddos and I had just gotten home from the grocery store. I grab my purse and keys, go around and let Pax out of his side of the car, then I get Harper (carseat and all) out and we all go inside. It was so hot outside I wanted to get the kids in and then go out and unload the car. I left Harper in the carseat, and preheated the oven for the pizza. Pax was following me around whining for me to get him milk. I told him the milk was in the car and that he would have to wait, then I proceeded out the door to get the groceries. Weeelll Mr.Pax didn't like that answer so he shuts the garage door behind me and I hear a click and realize he has just locked me out. That's right, Mommy is outside, kids are inside ...ALONE.......WITH THE OVEN ON!!!! Do I call 911? Call the inlaws? Call SRS and turn myself in? Nope none of these are possible because my phone IS INSIDE WITH THE KIDS TOO!! So I am trying to tell a screaming, crying Paxton to unlock the door but he is so freaked out he can't calm down enough to do it. I move to the front door and try to get him to unlock that one, same situation. I look down at my melting Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and hear my kids inside crying and I almost lose it too.....almost. Instead I ran to the neighbors house and borrow her cell phone and call Josh. I run back home and make Pax stand by the door and talk to me until Josh gets there. Honestly I knew they were probably ok, but the oven being on scared me and I didn't want to take any chances that Pax would wander over to it and pull it open or something.

Josh gets home and unlocks the door, Harper is still playing in her carseat and Pax is standing there terrified. Soooo, you are probably asking yourselves how does getting locked out of the house with my kids inside and the oven on make me a good Mommy?

Paxton is not for sale on ebay..................................yet :)


  1. LOL! This story will NEVER get old! I thought for sure Pax would be showing up on my door step tomorrow. Glad they were both safe and that Josh doesn't work far away!

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  3. Yeah I was picturing getting all kung-fu ninja on the door but then I remembered Dave is a cop and probably has some pretty mad breaking and entering skills....or at least some tools to do it.

  4. will never tire of telling this story and people will always love it!!

    Did your ice cream melt? You deserve a trip to dairy queen for a blizzard after that fiasco.

    I love your sense of humor and I think we are all in are a stellar mom!

    Go You!

  5. haha! This has TOTALLY happened to me- except I was at lunch with friends and got a call from the sitter- who was outside with all the kids- and the oven on 400 inside- I took off for the pulled over (the cop believed me thank God) got to the house- my 2 year had pooped, and my oldest had fallen with bloody knees! "Mommy's here!" I proclaimed when I realized that my keys were hanging on the hook... inside... the locked door!
    You post made me laugh- because I have totally been there!

  6. I loved your story. It can go on both the guilt or humorous list.

    Maybe only a mother can relate because if we have not done that thing we have done a runners-up thing.

    It is evident you are a loving, conscientious, caring mother!