Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey Girl….Whatcha’ Doin’?

That’s the opening theme song to my new fave show “The New Girl.” It is lit-er-ally one of the funniest shows eva!! I die laughing every time I watch it, best line from last nights episode:

(Schmidt talking to “maybe”-pregnant girlfriend):

“I don’t want to impregnate the baby, I mean we could have like a Russian nesting doll situation on our hands.”

I mean, seriously!! I die, I just die!

So basically this theme song kind of foreshadows some changes that will be happening on this blog and a little in my life in the very near future. What am I doing? I am switchin’ things up a little, I am going to go all Emeril-like on my blog, BAM! Spicin’ it up, takin’ it up a notch…..ok I ran out of catchy phrases.

To all my family: don’t worry there will be plenty of updates on the kiddos. I just feel like there is so much more I want to talk about sometimes, I love my kids, but there is more I want to write about. Plus, I think we all get it by now, Pax= sensitive, more reserved child. Harper= batshit crazy, gives me gray hairs, wild child. There are only so many time I can reiterate this.

So along with the new look of the blog (still in progress, by the way), there is going to be a new style of blogging. I love writing, I always have… not even kidding, I was the girl in 5th grade who would hide in the bathroom with my 2 friends and write stories instead of playing. Yes I know you are all laughing at me right now, I asked for it by divulging that tid-bit of information. I wrote (in a bathroom!!)  instead of playing, I kind of want to kick my own ass for that.

There will be kid stories, there will be life stories, there will be news stories, there will be funny stories, and probably some cuss words that get thrown into the mix (sorry Grandparents and Mother-in-law). So stay tuned…….

(And no blog would be complete without at least a few pictures of the kids….gotta keep the Grandparents happy).


A rare moment.


The buzz cut is back…it’s my favorite, mainly because I don’t have to do his hair anymore!



Mowing with Papa


(Happy Easter)….let me just tell you it was a FIGHT to get Pax to wear this pink shirt. His exact words (while crying) “I just want to look cool and this shirt is NOT cool!!” It took a phone call to Uncle Tony to confirm that he too wore pink shirts, before he would agree to wear it.

And in case you were wondering, I DID survive the tornadoes on Saturday. Holy cow that was scary. The words I will never forget: “El Dorado, the time to take cover is now. This monster will be hitting you within the next 5 minutes.” To say we were lucky is an understatement. Apparently the “monster” lifted back up before it hit El Dorado, and didn’t touch down again until it was out by the lake and in more open land. God certainly answered my prayers as well as many others in this town who I assume were praying just as hard as I was!!



  1. Your posts always crack me up so I don't care what you write about. My only request is that you blog more then 1 a month!!! I get my daily dose of the kids on Instagram now :)

  2. That's the plan Sarah, which is why I have to change it up. Still kid stories but also other ramblings of my own. Know what I'm sayin?