Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?……

Wowza, I can’t believe I even remember how to open my blog, it’s been THAT long since I have done this. I love blogging, love love love, it is my therapy, it just takes so long to do a post. If I could just type a blog entry with no pictures, then I would probably blog daily. However, my sisters would not only stop following my blog, but they would facebook de-friend me and never answer my calls again. Yes, it would be that bad.

So alas, I will blog about me (what else would I talk about, the kids? Pshaw, I am way cooler). After that I will include some pictures of the midgets, win-win right?

So about me…………hahahaha, how awful does that sound? But seriously…..about me……….I have a new adventure I am about to embark on and it is scary, exciting, and has the possibility of being really cool. I am going to leave you in suspense until all details are confirmed though (you are welcome!)

Still training for my half marathon in April. This morning I ran 11 miles……and almost got hit by a car…….yeah it happened (the 11 miles and the car). We were on mile 7 and this car stops and shines their brights at us and then revs his engine and comes straight at us and swerves to try to hit us!! I was in shock at first….and then I was PISSED!!

Excuse me ASSHOLE (pardon my language, but would ANY other word work?) What is it about me running that pissed you off this morning? Does my running offend you? I can see how running in the cold, dark morning before most people are awake WOULD be offensive to you, as you sit in your nice warm truck. Was I taking up too much space on the road that I also pay taxes for? I would gladly run on the sidewalks if they weren’t death traps. My friends and I got as far over as we could on the street, we all had our safety lights on, we were being courteous to you, did THAT piss you off? I sure am sorry that my desire to live a healthier life by running angered you, and that the fact that I HAVE to do it at the butt crack of dawn because that is the only time I can do it since I have 2 small children annoyed you. I will remember that the next time I put my running shoes on at the awful hour of 4 a.m. I will think of you as I strap on my safety light. I will picture your ugly face as I am out pounding the street in the cold dark morning…………and I will run faster and smile with the satisfaction that you can’t stop me from doing what I have come to love, and that you haven’t knocked me down, you just gave me more reason to keep going. And p.s.- if you ARE going to hit me with your car, don’t do it at mile 7!!! Do it at the beginning of my run or at the end, but NEVER do it halfway through….not cool man, not cool!!

Deep breath…….I feel better. I talked to some other running friends and they said there is ANOTHER truck in town that has tried to hit them as well. I just don’t understand why people are mad at us for running? Whenever I see people out running on the streets, I want to pull over and give them a high-five!! What is wrong with this world that we DISCOURAGE people from being healthy and active? And now I am stepping down from my soap-box.

Ok, ok, I will update you on the kids too………..sheesh, why can’t it just be all about me? I kid, I kid.

They are both doing well, our Spring Break has SUCKED because it has rained every day! Every morning Harper would wake up and the first thing she would do is run to the window and say “it still raining Mom?” then she would open the curtains and you could see her little shoulders sag and she would say “aaahhhh.” Poor girl, she wanted to play outside so bad.

Since the weather has been so crappy, I decided that I can’t put off spring cleaning any longer. Monday I worked on Paxton’s room and had him help me. For any of you that do not know, my son is a borderline hoarder…….particularly when it comes to PAPER. I knew this was going to be an emotional task for him. I looked at him and said:

“son, we are going to go in there and we are going to have to make some tough decisions. Paper will be lost, but we just can’t save them all. You’ve done what you can, it’s time to let go.”

He was so brave going in, and then it came time to throw away that first piece of paper with 3 scribbles on it and a big fat tear rolls down his cheek and with a quivering lip he says,

“MOOOOOOM, you can’t throw that away!! I made it for you when I was 2!!!”

And thus began a 2 hour ordeal. Tears were shed, begging was….begged? Paper was thrown away (along with the 10 empty fruit snack bags I found behind his bed!! When the shit did he eat all those!?!?!) But in the end we had a clean and organized room and I think I taught him a lesson in letting things go………and hopefully saved him from being on future episodes of “Hoarding, Buried Alive.”

Harper is doing much better in her bed. She goes down for nap pretty well, but there are still days that she throws a fit at her bedroom door…….and then ends up falling asleep on the floor……….I totally leave her there. We DON’T wake up the sleeping beast!! The adjustment to daylight savings (aka, a parents worst nightmare) went a lot better than I thought. She is back to her normal schedule……phew.

Alrighty folks, that is all I can manage. It’s almost midnight and Pax has a soccer game at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Lucky me.

Here are pictures from last week, when we actually had nice weather and the kids did a little worm digging with AWESOME outfits and even AWESOMER hair (yeah I just said awesomer, it seemed fitting):

March 2012 006March 2012 007March 2012 010March 2012 011March 2012 014March 2012 021March 2012 024

And then Harper disappeared inside and came back out wearing this:

March 2012 026March 2012 031March 2012 032March 2012 038

What? YOU don’t dig worms up in a tutu and a busted superhero mask? That’s just how Harper rolls y’all. Gotta love that girl.


  1. We need to make a pact to post more. Love reading your blog, makes me laugh every time!

  2. Please do your sisters a favor and cut Paxton's hair! That colic is out of control. He looks so cute with a buzz cut.

    There are seriously people out there that try and run you guys over?! ah hell no! You guys need to get the cops on that. I will beat some bitches up for pulling that stunt.

    And your right, a post without pictures is not acceptable. Gotta see those 2 cute faces!