Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hey Remember My Kids?

Probably not, since it’s been about a decade since I blogged about them. Lately the blog has been all about me, me, me (as it should be) and I think my family is probably jonesin’ for some kid updates.

This summer has been brutal, the heat pretty much ruined my fun summer plans……….oh who am I kidding, I didn’t have any fun summer plans planned, I was totally going to wing it, what do I look like? A teacher? So the heat is totally ruining my non-planned summer. We basically stay holed up in our cave of a home must afternoons (literally it is like a cave because our windows SUCK and let heat in so we have to keep all curtains closed, we are all borderline vampires now).

Sometimes we go to the splash park, but even that isn’t much fun with 5 bajillion kids who try to steal our toys and Mama Hall has to get all up in their biz and make them give it back (I am all for my kids sharing, but if you don’t pack toys for your kids, that’s your problem not mine!) And Harper is afraid of it, yes I could see how a park that sprays WATER in the million degree weather would be scary? Wha-at? No!! I would have killed to have something like that back in my day, we had to make do with those slip in slides in the backyard, which let’s admit it, were not that much fun and the grass cuts you got from walking on wet grass SUCKED! Kids these days, spoiled rotten I tell ya.

The pool is another option,  ya know if I had 9 sets of eyes. As it is, I only have one, so I spend my entire time scanning the pool in a panic:

“where’s my kids?”

“oh there they are.”

“shit, now where are they?”

“ok, right there.”

“now where did they go?”

It’s not fun, unless I bring my nanny, and by nanny I mean my husband, and that never happens. So basically my options are home….and home. Lame-o.

We do have a blow-up pool for the backyard, but by the time I blow the bad boy up and fill it, I am ready to lay down and take a nap.

Harper is still head-strong as ever. She cut her hair about a month ago, taking it from semi- Joe Dirtish to full on Billy Ray Cyrus. AWESOME! Her favorite things to do right now are dance and sing, and she obviously rocks at both of them as these following videos will show:


I promise I dress her, but as I mentioned above, she has a mind of her own and often undresses herself. If this is any clue to what her profession will be later in life, just shoot me now.

She makes me laugh, but man does that girl test me.


left to right: Eating chicken bones (wings); waiting for Doctor at another ear re-check, we see the ENT in 2 weeks; mullet, no other words needed; totally pumped for family fun day; she insists on wearing her tutu to bed every night, and sometimes her tiara; tiny dancer; a bed full of books, just like her Mama; lipstick mishap; afternoon at “the pool.”

Paxton is a ball of energy all.the.time. He does not nap, and goes about 100 miles an hour until bedtime. Then he crashes and sleeps hard and late. He takes after his father, and it sucks getting that kid up. He is fearless in the water and has really made a lot of progress this summer. He can jump off the diving board and swim to the side without floaties… absolutely scares the shit out of me, but he loves doing it. He was all about the 4th of July this year and was shooting off anything he could get his hands on……….Harper and I were cowering under the table, I have no idea where her fear of fireworks comes from.


left to right: geek squad; fun at the park; learning the cable company had blocked Nick Jr; cosmic bowling; bottle rockets with Dad (aaaahhh!!); GRRRRR with his new bestie Tyler; seriously followed Tyler around the whole night on the 4th of July.

And when they aren’t trying to kill each other, Pax and Harper get along famously.


And when I am not busy with my own children, I go over to my B’s house to get some snuggle time in with this little creature.


Miss Amelia Blair has totally stolen my heart and I can’t wait to have lots more cuddles with her and take more pictures. She is pure perfection.

So to sum it up, it’s f-ing hot, Harper hasn’t changed, Pax hasn’t changed, they keep me on my toes but give me lots of laughs too. I love my kids; mullet hair, no naps, stubborn, crazy, scared of everything, dancing, singing, sleeping late, and all.


  1. LOL!!!! Harper's dance moves are steller. At least she stays up off the floor now though. Progress! Next time, could you had some captions to that song she is singing :)

    Way to go Pax! So proud of his swimming skills and so glad not BOTH of your children are big ole chickens like you.

    And Amelia, I will be stealing you next time I am in El Dog. Period.

    1. I would absolutely put the lyrics on here.......if I knew what they were! I couldn't understand her either. Something about singing and her ballerina (she calls all Princesses, Ballerinas), and that's about all I got :)