Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bummer….and Some Random Stuff…….

So the half marathon I have been training for 12 weeks for is in 1 day…..and I am not running it…….bummer.

My knees have apparently decided to turn 90 years old on me, and I can only make it about 4 miles before they start hurting really bad.

To say I am super sad about this would be an understatement. Up until a week ago I was still considering sucking it up and running the half, even though my coach (and BF) strongly advised against it. I just couldn’t imagine making it this far and NOT running it, however the risk of injuring myself further just wasn’t worth it. What the shiz would I do if I really injured myself and like couldn’t walk or something? The kids would have to walk to school, never get bathed, and probably starve to death……….ok I am being totally dramatic, but still you get my drift. 1 race + possible major injury= not worth it.

I will be there to cheer on our running group though. There are some really awesome ladies (and gents) that are running in it, and for a lot of them this is their first race so I am really excited to be there for them. I remember how amazing my first race was and how grateful I was to have so many people there to watch and motivate me.

I am scheduling an appointment to see a sports medicine Doctor on Monday (yes B, I promise, Monday, it will happen). I have put it off for a while because I was so afraid that he would say I couldn’t run the race, but obviously that doesn’t matter anymore.

In other news………..

My sister is going to have her baby in a little over a month, let’s all pause for a scream of excitement. I am so excited to meet my little CC Bug and spoil her rotten!! I am going to be on call starting in November and as soon as she calls to say it’s go time, my ass is in my car so fast headed to KC. I might even pack my own baby bag so I am ready to go.

I was there for my nephews birth, so I can’t imagine not being there for my first niece’s birth.

I took some pics of Derek and Sarah while I was in KC last weekend for her baby shower (another post in itself). It was so cold, but they turned out pretty cute and I was so glad to be able to do that for them.





















I mean isn’t her bump about the cutest thing in the world?!?!? I just kept touching it all weekend (in a non-creepy way, I promise).

I posted a slideshow (click to view it, turn on the music to get the full effect) on Facebook and was asked if I was doing photography now, and as much as I LOVE taking pictures and editing, I am only doing this for fun right now. I have been approached by friends to take pictures and they would pay me, but I just won’t do it. I enjoy photography so much, but for now I want to keep it as a hobby. I don’t want it to turn into something that I feel I HAVE to do, I don’t want the pressure. So I will continue to do this for friends and family because I WANT to, because it makes me so happy to see them so happy. Never say never, but I have a lot to learn still and definitely don’t feel like I could hang with legit photographers.

Kid update:

School is going well for both of them. Pax has gotten a sticker almost every day, but there have been a few that he didn’t. I can tell it bothers him because as soon as he walks in the door, he has this look of total disappointment on his face. And I promise I am not too hard on him, I realize not every day is going to be a good day, but I still make it known what I expect of him.

Harper is loving school and her teacher tells me she is doing great. She texted me a picture of Harper cleaning chairs during their free time. Gah! The teacher probably thinks that I make these kids my slaves at home! I swear I don’t, but I am not going to turn down the help if they WANT to!! Do you KNOW how expensive house cleaners are? Why pay when I have them for free at home? Only slightly kidding folks.

Pax is still in football and he loves it. He loves watching it too, which works well in my favor when the Cats are playing.

Speaking of K-State, how much are they rocking it this year? They are on FIRE and I am loving every minute of it. Say what you will Jayhawks (“oh wait until basketball” wanh wanh wanh), we’re playing FOOTBALL right now and dominating and you (Jayhawks) well……’re not. Sorry. We’ll deal with basketball when we get there, until then, enjoy the smackdown we bring every weekend.


Hells yeah baby doll needs matching K-State gear!!




This was pre-haircut when Harper was still rockin’ the mullet like it was her job.






Seriously? Why can’t they always be this sweet?


We have busy upcoming months. My brother and his sweet fiance get married in a couple weeks in the Bahamas and I am so sad that we won’t be able to be there. I am so happy for them and wish more than anything that we could be there to watch them as they join our 2 families together. Tara is going to be a beautiful bride and my brother is so happy and in love and I am grateful that he has found his other half to spend his life with.

dereks birthday 018

Both the kids have birthdays coming up 5 & 3, can you believe it? Me neither, what happened to my babies? And NO we aren’t having anymore, I will leave the babies to my siblings (hint hint).

Halloween……….Pax is going to be Captain America and Harper is going to be Michael Jackson. She tells EVERYONE she meets that she loves Michael Jackson. At the library the other day the librarian in the kids library is shelving books:

Harper: “Whatcha doin?”

Librarian: “Putting books on shelves.”

H: “why?” (her favorite word these days)

L: “because it’s my job”

H: “oh…..I like Michael Dackson”

L: (glancing at me like is this kid for real?) “oh yeah?………uh he is a good dancer”

H: “yeah and a good singer”

Me: hiding behind shelves pretending she doesn’t belong to me.

She also likes to tell strangers that Michael Jackson is in heaven…….I am pretty sure she needs therapy.

On that note, hope everyone has a great weekend. Hopefully the Cats can pull off another upset, hopefully I survive the storms they are predicting for tomorrow, hopefully all my friends do GREAT at their race on Sunday…………and at some point I get at least one nap…..kidding……or am I?




  1. omg can't stop laughing at the last pic. That kid is ssttrraanngggeee. Not as strange as his dead person loving sister though.

  2. those pics of sarah are so great! you are a great photographer!!

  3. oh man! i love this whole post! so great... and really, did anyone expect anything less of a child of Amy's when it comes to MJ?!?!?

  4. I laughed so hard when I read Harper's convo with the librarian.. Holy moly! Hilarious. I am so glad to hear that they are both doing well in school- I miss you (and also wish we were closer so you could do some amazing maternity photos for me!) I love love love the pics! They are amazing and your sister is adorable. Hope you and the girls are doing good at the Y! Be expecting a text message any day now!