Monday, September 14, 2009

Potty Training

Well we are really crackin down on the potty training since sissy will be here in about 12 weeks!! I realize this is expecting a lot from a little boy who is not even 2 yet, but my theory is that the more they are exposed to it, the less scary it is for them. Last night he went #2 for the first time in his potty! I missed it because I was at a work meeting, but Josh took a pic of it to show me (sure never thought I would get so excited about a picture of poop!) Josh said Pax told him he had to potty so Josh put him on the toilet, and he ended up peeing and pooping! Today he has went potty couple times on it, but won't do it at the sitters house. I am happy with anything at this point, as long as we keep making progress and keep being consistent with him.

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