Friday, September 25, 2009

My how things have changed!

Today I called my sister, Amber, while I was in grocery store to get the recipe for homeade chex mix. When she answered she said she was in Walmart with Aiden getting food for dinner. We had a good laugh cause she was getting a frozen pizza and spending the night at home with Mr. Aiden and I was getting chinese food and spending the night at home with Paxton. Later as I was driving home I thought about how much things have changed, 5 years ago, we probably would have been talking on the phone to discuss what time we were meeting up for drinks at Willies and now here we are talking about our kids and getting excited about a night at home in our sweats!!! My sister completely amazes me in her role as a mother. I can still remember very clearly the night she took that pregnancy test and got the news that would change her life forever. I will not pretend to know what she has been through, as my pregnancy with Pax was very much planned and I was married, but my sister and her boyfriend took on the challenge and have done a wonderful job raising a sweet and charming little boy that our family loves so much and cannot imagine our lives without. He may not have been planned or expected but he is truly our little blessing. Our lives as Mommy's may not be as glamorous or as exciting as our lives pre-baby, but we love every minute of it!! I am so happy to be sharing this exciting time with my sister, I thought it would be a while before any of my siblings jumped on the parenting bandwagon, so I enjoy having someone so close to me understand the ups and downs of being a Mommy. I am so lucky to have such a close family, I love my siblings very much and am so glad my son, and soon to be daughter, will have such great people around them their whole lives.

Cousins!! Aiden and Pax, already lookin ornery and causin trouble!

My sister and me with our boys!!

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