Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun Fall Day!!

Yesterday Sarah and I took Pax to Walter's Pumpkin Patch, which is right outside of El Dorado. It was the neatest place ever!! It was more than a pumpkin patch, it was a fun haven for kids of all ages! We were there for 4 hours and still didn't do everything they had to offer. There was a bouncy thing, a petting zoo, corn maze, playgrounds, paddle boats, train ride, tractor rides out to pumpkin patch, graveyard golf, you get the point. And don't even get me started on the food there!! Pumpkin chili, brisket and pulled pork sandwiches, caramel apples, pies and cookies, and it's all HOMEADE!! Of course being pregnant and ALWAYS hungry, this was the best part for me :) Pax had a great time, however, he would not ride the train cause adults were not allowed on it too, and being in the middle of a severe "Mommy phase", he was not going to let me out of his sight (the train goes all the way down a hill and a road and pretty far from the parents). We all had a great day, I was so glad Sarah came with us, it's so nice having her live so close now, she is in Wichita and it's about a 30 min drive from her house to mine. Pax loves seeing his "Shara" a lot more. We will definately be going back to the pumpkin patch quite a bit this fall, it was totally worth the $6!!

Pax and Mommy outside the corn maze

Runnin through the corn maze, I was afraid I would lose him, he just took off!!!

sittin on top of a big pile of hay bales.

Jumpin OFF the hay bales, hard to catch him with big belly in the way...9 weeks to go!!!!!

climbin through the tunnels in the hay bales.

Ridin a "horshie" with his "Shara"

Searchin for a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.

Found one!!!

The following are just some black and white pics from the day, tryin to get FANCY with my photog skills...ha ha!!

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