Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Paxton's 2nd birthday!

Paxton's birthday is the day after Halloween and since this fell on a Sunday this year, it was the perfect day to have his party. Amber and I were up early to go to Dillons to get tacks for the stupid streamers that would not stay up and to get donuts for breakfast. Both boys were awake when we got home so we set them up to the counter so they could have their breakfast, Pax loved his special birthday donut. The day got hectic after that as I was trying to get house clean and bake 50+ cupcakes from scratch for the party. With the help of my family, everything got done and the party went off without a hitch. It was a Halloween themed party so the kiddos got to wear their costumes again. I had so much fun buying and decorating for such a fun theme. I love that his birthday is around Halloween cause it's my favorite holiday and I foresee lots of fun parties in the future. Pax got SO MANY toys for his birthday, and he wanted to play with each one as he opened it and didn't understand why we kept taking them away so he could open the rest of them. The day turned out great, but we were all exhausted after it was all over. The time change mixed with no nap mixed with LOTS of fun proved too much for Pax and he crashed at 7:45 that night. I can't believe my little boy is 2 years old, time has gone by so fast. He is still the love of my life and will always be my baby even though we will soon be getting a new baby. He continues to amaze me each day with his personality and all the new things he learns to say and do.
The boys gettin ready to eat their breakfast.
Pax with his special birthday donut.

The table all decorated for the party, my favorite was the skulls hanging from lights (thanks Amber).

The cupcakes I made from scratch, my Mom helped me frost them.
It was a beautiful day so we all headed outside to play.

Pax giving Ella a high five after she hit the ball.

Uncle Tony, Papa Long, and Aiden hangin out enjoying the weather.

Some of the guests hangin out on the deck

Papa Hall and the boys playing ball in the yard.

The kids figured out the straws doubled as whistles....the adults LOVED this ;)

opening presents.

helpin him blow out his candle, he got a little shy once everyone started singing to him.

All the kids, Pax was already busy eating his cupcake and could not be bothered to smile or pose.

After eating some apple slices, he moved the bowl to the side, laid down and fell asleep in about 2 seconds!! He was one tuckered out birthday boy!!

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