Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting nervous!

So we are a little over 2 weeks away from our scheduled c-section and the nervousness has set in big time!! I lay awake every night with a million thoughts going through my head. When should I pack my bags? Will Paxton be ok while I am in the hospital? How long will I BE in the hospital? Is the recovery going to be really hard with a toddler and a newborn? Will I get all my Christmas stuff done before, well Christmas of course? I could go on and on, but you get the idea. A big part of me is so tired of being pregnant and can't wait to be done, but another part of me is feeling like I need to just relax and enjoy what little time we have left as a family of 3 before chaos begins! I am sure I am not the only Mom to feel like this when she is about to have her 2nd child. With the 1st one, you are so clueless, but with the 2nd one you remember EXACTLY what having a newborn is like, except now you have to factor in a toddler as well!! Anyway, I am sure it will all go well and we will figure it out as we go. As for the bag packing, gonna go ahead and do it this weekend ...and the Christmas shopping, well I will just apologize ahead of time to our family if I do not in fact get it all done :)


  1. im getting EXCITED!!! but i know you're freaking out and its totally understandable! AND don't worry about x-mas, NO ONE expects anything! love you!!

  2. I am SO excited too!! I feel like this pregnancy just flew by (yes easy for me to say). Everything will fall into place and Paxtons going to be the best big brother EVER! I only live a phone call away so if your pulling your hair out one day, just give me a call and I will come steal 1 or both of them :) Can't wait to meet my little niece!

  3. Good Luck. I had C-sections with both my boys too! Remember it will get easier everyday! The hardest part for me was not being able to pick up Jaxon when he wanted Mommy. I will be thinking about you!!!