Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring fun!

Now that the weather has gotten nicer we are outside ALL THE TIME!!! It wears both the kids out and they sleep so good. We laid a new patio a month ago and are loving the extended space it has given us...HOWEVER I am not lovin our backyard right now. To lay the new patio we had to have a skid-loader bring the cement to the back which tore up the yard. Josh is going to kill all the grass and re-plant but not until FALL!!! Until then I have this nice deck and patio that looks out into a dirt and weed wasteland....gross. We are getting new patio furniture and I potted some flowers, all in hopes of distracting guests from looking at the yard, not sure it's gonna work. Maybe we should only let people come over when it's dark out, ha ha ha!! We have a super busy month coming up and for the next 2 weekends will have company staying with us. Next week Justin and Stephanie Stein are coming to stay with us for Jeremy Sundgren's wedding, so excited to see them and have them meet Harper. Then the next weekend is Josh's big 3-0!!! My family and a couple of his friends are going to a Japanese steakhouse in Wichita and my sisters and their significant others will be staying with us. Here are a few pics of us playin outside and the flowers I potted Seriously ignore the awful yard, you already know how I feel bout this :)

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  1. lovin the flowers! I couldn't see it real well but the deck looks good! Josh must have figured out how to make it not look so red :) I miss my babies sssoooo much!