Sunday, April 18, 2010

Harper 4 months

Harper was 4 months on April 9th so yes I am a little behind posting this. Time is just flying by, with Paxton I couldn't wait for the next new thing he was going to do, but with her I just want time to slow down and for her to stay my baby forever. Maybe because she is our last, maybe because she is just a fabulous baby and an absolute joy to have. I am just trying to cherish every minute with her. Don't get me wrong, I love it when she does new things and I do get very excited and grab the camera, camcorder and the phone camera to capture it. She is sleeping 8 hours at night, she still gets up at 4 am for a feeding but I am hoping once she is on solids that will stop. We tried rice last week and she was up ALL night with a tummy ache and gas, so we are putting that on hold for now. I am really not in a rush to do solids with her, I know she will eat it and digest it well when she is ready. Honestly the 4 am feeding isn't even that bad, it takes about 15 min tops from start to finish and she goes right back to sleep until about 7 am. Here are some other things that she is doing right now, I don't have weight stats or anything cause her appt. isn't until Thurs this week, 4 month :(

-Rolling over from back to front, started this about a week ago and now she rolls constantly.
-Giggling, especially at big brother or when we snuggle her neck and blow raspberries
-Grabbing and holding onto toys, they all go right into her mouth
-Eating 4 oz every 3 hours, except at night
-Chews on her hands ALL THE TIME, I try to give her the bink instead
-Recognizing strangers and will get upset if she is overwhelmed by a lot of people
-Holding her head up better when she is on her tummy, this has taken a lot longer than with Pax, she really doesn't like her tummy very much but she is doing lots better
-She squeals and gabs a lot more too, the other day I heard her squealing at her baby Einstein movie and I walked in to see what she was squealing at and there was another baby on the movie. Too cute.
-Loves being outside, and we play outside every night as long as it is nice, wears them both out!
She has done a lot of new things this month, and she absolutely lights up whenever her brother is around, he can do no wrong in her eyes. I am having so much fun with her and I love watching my 2 kids interact together. Here are some recent pics of her:

Can you tell how much she loves her hands, they are in her mouth in almost every picture!! And yes I realize how disgusting and dirty that mirror is that she is looking in, I DIDN'T know it until I took that pic and the flash made all that gross stuff show up. Pretty sure it's still from when Pax was a baby...EEEEWWWW!! I was afraid she wouldn't get to wear the pink polka dot dress since the weather has been so warm, but we had a pretty cool day today so she got to wear it to church, I just love it. I think next fall if it's too small I will have her wear it as a shirt, I just can't let that cute thing go to waste!! Anyway, I will post her weight/height stats later this week after our dreaded trip to the doctor. I always cry just as much as they do when they get shots :(


  1. baby girl is SOOO cute!! I cant wait for her to wear all the outfits im sending you. She might not fit in them long, the little chunk! :) I think aiden goobed up that mirror but i think i've tried washing it and you can't, it think its scratched and stuff. Its been through a lot, we should invest in a new one when sarah has babies :) give Harper lots of love from me on thurs, poor baby!!

  2. Such a big girl doing tummy time! Of course that dress is cute, I got it for her :) I think it will be super cute as a shirt too. That is ssooo cute about the Baby Einstein thing. I don't want my poor baby to get shots!! Can't wait to see how much she weighs though!

  3. first of the new look :) secondly...i just want you to know that i'm living vicariously (sp??) through you. Gotta get my baby fix somewhere!!