Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh what a day!!

On Thursday I took Harper for her 4 month checkup and shots. She was in such a good mood during the whole appointment until those dreaded needles went right through those chubby legs and then the tears were flowing....Harper cried too :) We came home and she was already getting fussy so I was nursing her and Pax (whose allergies were flaring up that week) started coughing and then threw up all over in front of the couch!! Of course Josh had just left to go back to work so here I am all alone with a crying baby and a puking toddler!! I hurry up and put Harper in the bouncer, thus upsetting her even more, and pick up Pax and RUN to the bathroom. We hit the hallway and here he goes again, all over the carpet, him, me, bathroom, EVERYWHERE!! So I put him down, he's crying, Harper's crying, I'm was straight out of a horror movie. So who do I call? No not my hubby, he is such a wuss when it comes to vomit and I was pretty sure he would only make the scene worse and messier, so I called his Mom who came right over. She helped with Harper and watched Pax in the bath while I cleaned up the disgustingness (not a work but using it anyway) that was my house. It was a good thing I was so busy at work that day and didn't get to eat lunch cause I might have lost it if I had. Anyway, I got it cleaned up and then spent the rest of the night doing laundry, following Pax around with a bowl in case he did it again and taking care of a feverish fussy baby. Seriously I know you are all jealous of my oober glamourous life. We concluded that it was not the flu but a combination of allergies, cough and too much dairy. So what did we learn? My child CANNOT have dairy if he is sick with a cough, the end result is not pretty!!! Harper ended up running a fever all night and half the day Friday. She just doesn't tolerate vaccines very well, but ya gotta do it! Pax was still not feelin 100% Friday night so we decided to do a movie night, just him and I. It was nice, but the poor tired little fella only made it an hour then ASKED to go to bed. I am happy to report that both children are much better today and both had busy fun days. Pax went to the farm and golfing with Papa, and Harper went shopping with me and Nana.

Here are her stats from her 4 month checkup:

Weight-12 lbs 9.5 ozs: 15%

Length -24.5: 50%
Head -15 : 15%
So she is still pretty little for her age, but she is pretty darn chunky!! I think it's just cause she was so small when she was born so she is still trying to catch up with other babies her age. The following pic is a little blurry but you can see those legs....nothin skinny bout those bad boys :) I love it!


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