Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Harper 5 months

Harper was 5 months on Sunday!! She is so fun these days, she is really jabbering and smiling so much now. She had her first ear infection last week, she had been up all night SCREAMING which is so unlike her. I knew something was wrong so I called the doctor first thing in the morning and sure enough her left ear was infected. Poor baby girl, but the medicine and ear drops have seemed to help. She is also trying to eat twice a night again....what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is this about?!?!? I am pretty convinced it's because of all my bragging on what a GREAT sleeper she was and how she sleeps SO MUCH and only gets up ONCE a night, blah blah blah. Should've known I was just setting myself up for disaster and totally jinxing myself!! I am thinking about trying baby food a month early to see if maybe it will fill her up more and make her sleep longer.

I have also decided to start weaning her from nursing. My goal was to make it to 6 months and I figure by the time she is completely weaned it will be about 6 months exactly. I am a little sad about losing that special time with her but she is starting to lose interest in it anway and drinks so much faster from a bottle. Also pumping is so time consuming! I have to get up a whole 30-45 min early in the morning to nurse and pump and honestly I just want to SLEEP!!! I am scared and hope it goes well and is as painless as can be :) I am just happy I made it this long with her, it really feels like an accomplishment that I stuck to it even when it would have been so easy to throw in the towel.

At the doctor last week she got weighed again and was a little over 13 lbs. She seems so big to me but I know that 13 lbs is still pretty small for 5 months. I chalk it up to her being so little when she was born, she is still just tryin to catch up.

Here are a few other things that baby girl has been doing lately:

-rolling all over the place: today she rolled from one end of the room to the other!!!!

-holding herself up on her arms and trying really hard to scoot, I think it will happen soon...AAAHHH!! Time to start babyproofing again!

-Drooling and gumming things like crazy, which makes me think that teeth are in the near future.

-Still puts herself to sleep. This kind of makes me sad because I would like to snuggle with her sometimes, but she wants to be left alone when she is tired. I will try to rock her and she wiggles and fusses and so I put her in her crib, she puts her hand up by her face (always) and goes right to sleep.
-She is still so happy all the time!! She is just smiles, smiles, smiles. She sat through 2 weddings the past 2 weekends and did so good, didn't make a peep. We can set her on the floor or in her bouncer and she just entertains herself, and as soon as you look at her or talk to her she grins ear to ear.


I am enjoying her so much, and love watching her grow and especially love seeing the special bond between her and Pax. He is so great with her and is my big helper. He will put her binkie in for me if I am busy and she is fussing, he throws her dirty diapers away, helps me with her bath. He is such a great little man, and he truly makes me proud. Ok I will stop bragging now, believe me my kids are far from perfect and definately have their moments, but that's a whole separate blog post :)
Oh yeah and I survived the bad weather yesterday, by the time the storm reached us it had lost intensity. Thank goodness cause that sucker was nasty and had been producing tornados all day.

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