Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Family Vacay 2010

This past weekend we went to Milford lake for the 3rd annual Long family fishin/campin trip (how country do I sound? I am SO not country). Like I said in my earlier post, it's the farthest thing from camping since we stay in fully furnished, air conditioned, lovely cabins. However, that being said, you can try as hard as you want, but nature will find you!!! I had a run-in with a snake right outside my cabin and a spider crawl on my bed (yes I want to cry just thinking about it again). Dangerous, killer creatures aside, it was a great time! We arrived Sunday afternoon and changed the kiddos and headed straight to the beach. The water was freezing but the sun was hot so it felt pretty good, not that I went swimming, heck no...I just dipped my feet. My son, however, was completely unphased by the frigid temps and loved being in the water. Harper fell asleep right away, baby girl already knows how to relax and soak up some rays :) That night we grilled out and then enjoyed some adult beverages by the fire after the kiddos went to sleep. Monday was hot and sunny again, half of the group went golfing, and the rest of us hung around the cabins and beach again. Pax got some more fishing in, and then that afternoon we just relaxed outside and let the kids enjoy some fresh air. Harper LOVED being outside, we tried to put her down for a nap inside but she wasn't havin it, Sarah finally laid her on a blanket outside and she fell right to sleep!! We grilled out again that night, and did s'mores by the fire....yummo!!! We left pretty early Tuesday because it was cloudy and cool so there wasn't much for us to do. All in all it was a fabulous time. I was so grateful that my kids did so well, Harper was completely ok with being totally out of routine and Paxton....hell who are we kidding the kid was in fishing, dirt, sand, food, stayin up late heaven!!! We are already looking forward to the 4th annual Milford trip!! Beware of picture overload below....don't say I didn't warn you!!!

He was so upset to leave!!


  1. haha it looks like Harper is an alcoholic! She is either sucking on a beer bottle or eyeing the beer can in half the pics! Did you not get any pics of Aiden either :(

  2. The pics are SO cute...of course you took them all after we left :) kidding.

    the snake... OH HELL NO!!

    the smores... YUM!! :(

  3. I see Josh trying to show Pax how to cast, does Josh even know how to fish?

    When is the third child coming?

    When I have kids can I make a blog too? : )

    Good stuff on here, you guys take care!

  4. looks like a fun trip...we might have to do that sometime! love the pic of harper & the beer!!