Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busy weekend!!!

This weekend was Josh's 30th birthday, Mom's day AND Harper turned 5 months!!! It is actually the second out of FOUR weekends that we have stuff crammed into. Last weekend was Cowboy and Kelsey's wedding and we had the Stein's stay with us from Colorado. This weekend was all that jazz I previously mentioned, next weekend is my sisters boyfriends graduation from K-State (masters in accounting, big smarty pants), and the weekend after THAT is our family reunion/camping at Milford Lake. Now when I say camping, I mean staying in these huge cabins that are brand new with air conditioning, full kitchens, bathrooms with showers, beds, flat screen tvs (with cable of course) and huge decks with awesome views of the lake. Obviously that is the epitome of "roughing it" (insert sarcasm here).
Anyway this weekend my Mama and Sisters came to El Do to help celebrate the big 3-0 with Josh. We went to eat at Sumos Japanese Steakhouse in Wichita and a few of his friends met us there also. Mom stayed home with the 3 kids (bless her) and somehow managed to get them all to sleep with NO FIGHTS!! The dinner was amazing, great sushi, great drinks, great food, great times!! After we finished eating we went to the bar in the restaraunt for a couple drinks. Josh ended up having a few more than a couple as well as some shots so he was definately feeling no pain when we finally got home. He ended up "going to bed" pretty early and our plans to hang out on our patio with our chimnea (sp) were kinda ruined. Can't really be mad at the guy, guess you only turn 30 once, but I was sure looking forward to enjoying our new patio.

The birthday boy and I

Me and My Sissies


Family AND Friends!!

Bubba trying sushi for the first time...he didn't like it.

the fellas

the ladies

Love this picture, who knows what they are all doing.

It was so nice for our family and friends to get together to celebrate his birthday, I know it meant a lot to him that they were all there. We had a great time, and LOTS of laughs (you know what I am talking about sisters).

Today was Mothers Day and it was a great day as well. I actually let JOSH sleep in because I am pretty sure he needed the sleep more than I did after his night the night before :) Harper got up pretty early but Amber and my Mom took her because they were already up with Aiden (pretty sure I forgot to thank you guys for that so THANK YOU!!) Pax and I slept for another hour or so and then we got up as well. We spent the morning hanging out and helping Mom cook breakfast and then after we stuffed ourselves with that breakfast we all lounged around some more. I ended up curling up in a chair and sleeping and it was amazing. I cannot remember the last time I took a nap mid-morning for no reason at all!! Josh was taking care of the kids so I just said screw it, nappy time for Mama! I have a hard time napping because I feel like it's such a waste of time and I could be getting housework done, but not today, no siree I was a free woman today. Josh and I took the kiddos to the Butler baseball game today, they are playing in regionals and they were actually playing a team that a good friend of mine from high school coaches (Andy Morgan for all you MHS'ers). We ended up run ruling them with a final score of 13 to 3 but it was a fun game to watch. Pax loves watching baseball and will sit through the whole game!! It was pretty chilly but still a great day for baseball! We went to Josh's grandparents farm for dinner and it was nice to see his family and spend some time together. All in all it was a wonderful day with lots of family time.

Here is our breakfast FEAST!!

It was a great weekend, I am exhausted, I need one more day off but don't think that's going to happen..........oh yeah and has anyone heard the forecast for tomorrow? TORNADOS!! And anyone who knows me knows I. DON'T. DO. TORNADOS, so I am already stressing out and will just have to warn my boss if it gets bad my butt is runnin out of the Y and driving to get my kids and going straight to my basement where I will probably be crying my eyes out. So good luck to all tomorrow, lets hope there are no twisters and I don't have to get fired for running out of my job :)

My kiddos on Mom's Day, don't ya love their smiles?

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