Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coming Soon....I Promise!

I meant to do at least 2 posts this week, with pictures, and help spruce up my friends blog too. Guess how many I did? NONE! Why? Oh maybe cause I am a walking zombie due to a sick baby who hasn't slept in a week because of double ear infections that the FIRST round of antibiotics couldn't cure so now we are on a new one and PRAYING (begging, pleading, crying) that she sleeps tonight or else Mommy and Daddy might need to be committed.

So I promise, this weekend, blogging will commence. And Brandi, I will get to your blog eventually as well, don't lose faith in me girl!

As for working out? Pshaw! Hasn't happened, at all, not even once, all week. Well unless you can't yoga (don't think you can) which is now my new love and wish it burned as many calories as running cause I sure as heck could get outta bed at 5:30 a.m. everyday to do THAT!!! So next week I am buckling down and running my little buns off (and by little I mean BIG). Again, Brandi don't lose faith in me, you're training and hard work with me has not gone to sh#* and next week is a new long as baby girl will get healthy, stay healthy and for the love of all things good and fair, SLEEP!!

Here's a preview of posts to come:

Holla holla!! Mama busted out the overalls!!! And doesn't baby girl look so stinkin cute in them?

Watchin Daddy, brother and Papa grill out (please excuse the dirty window, no point cleaning in when Harper plays on it daily)

Guess who started soccer? Guess who loves it? PAXTON! (Did you already guess that?)

Stay tuned.....

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  1. Poor Harper will probably be dressed in overalls until she moves out! she sure does look cute in them though! Paxton is the cutest soccer player I have ever seen!! More pics ASAP!!