Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Game Day!!

Fight You K-State Wildcats for alma mater fight, fight, fight, fight! Glory in the combat for the purple and the white. Faithful to our colors we will ever be fighting, ever fighting for a Wildcat victory. Go State!

It's game day homies.................Let's go Cats, beat UCF!!

And to the Butler Grizzlies (also purple, how convenient!!)................Go Grizzlies, beat Dodge City!

You better believe this household will be rockin the purple all day!!! We have a FUN day planned ahead. Josh helped organize a Butler baseball alumni game for today so we are headin to the Butler baseball stadium to watch Daddy play some ball with some of his old teammates then they are going to grill out at the stadium. After that we will head home and put the kiddos down to nap and watch the Wildcats on tv, THEN later tonight we will be headed to Blackmore stadium to watch the Grizzlies play!!! I LOVE ME SOME FOOTBALL SATURDAYS!!


AND BUTLER PRIDE TOO!! (Harper has a Butler bow on her head, have not found any Butler shirts/dresses/outfits I like for her yet so this is all she has)

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