Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harper 9 months

I have been in a blogging funk lately. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do it!! I dunno how you girls blog DAILY!! I wish I had your dedication. Maybe I am just too slow at it, cause it takes me like an HOUR to do one post. Geez.

But anyway....this post is about who else.....Harper! I feel bad cause I do all these posts on Harper but none on Pax, so that's my next post. However, I don't have a baby book for Harper like I do for Pax, so this blog is kind of her baby book of her first year. At least that's what I tell myself so I can sleep at night :)

Well baby girl is 9 months now. I didn't do a post for 8 months because she wasn't doing anything new from 7 months, well THAT and the fact that I kinda forgot to do one. But NOW she is doing so much.

-Crawling all over

-Standing up on her own

-TRYING to walk, she thinks she can so she will just let go of the chair/couch/toy/etc and just try to walk and then BAM down she goes (picture below shows the result of one particular bad fall). I think she sees big brother walking and so she automatically assumes she can.

-Eating some table foods. Green beans, mashed potatoes, bread, shredded chicken, ham, crackers, cheerios, and her favorite.....sweet potato fries from Willies (that's my girl)

-Waving bye-bye, blows kisses, claps her hands, plays patty cake, signs "more" (we are working on eat, drink, milk), stretches arms above her head when we say "so big"

-Sleeping from 8 pm-6am, has a bottle and then goes back down until 7 am, SOMETIMES she will sleep straight through till 7.

-Has 2 bottom teeth. Wow THAT process was fun by the way, runny nose, fever, awful diapers, diaper rash, and enough drool to fill a horse trough. Can't wait for more teeth to come in and go through all that again!

We are working on the sippy cup, I want to be totally done with the bottle by 12 months! That's only 3 months away........HOLY MOLY! She plays independently really well, Pax always wanted constant interaction with us when he was her age, but she is perfectly content to sit on the floor and play with her toys (or big brothers) quietly. LOOOOOOOOOVE IT.

I am already thinking of 1st birthday party ideas (waaaahhhhh!!!) Think we may do a combo party with cousin Aiden who will turn 2 only 3 days after her. We are thinkin a little buckeroo party, can you picture it? Tutu, cowboy boots, big bow......gah, I die!!!

Here a some pics of her from the last 2 months since I didn't do a post on her last month. Some of the dates on the pics are wrong, 2008 really? I think not.


Her favorite place to go, brothers room. She will play SUPER quiet in there because I think she doesn't want to get caught by Paxton and get kicked out.

First goose egg, she was standing by the couch and turned and tried WALKING to the coffee table, and (duh) fell and hit her head ON the coffee table. Needless to say, it is now in the basement (the table not the baby).

Side note: this post took an hour to do!! It doesn't help that I have a cranky little boy who is throwing fits about EVERYTHING (he was just crying cause his nose was running so I wiped it with a tissue and he said "don't take boogers out of my nose!! REALLY, WTH!!) and a baby who is trying to chew on the computer, the cord, my shoe, the couch, her brother
EVERYTHING!.....I need a drink (kidding!)

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