Tuesday, November 23, 2010

O Christmas Tree!!

We busted out the Christmas decorations!! I have been playing Christmas music and watching Christmas movies (with the kids of course, pshaw), baking, and doing all sorts of Christmasy stuff around the house. I love this time of year............now if I can only convince Paxton that Santa is NOT the devils spawn. We MAY (and by that I mean we most certainly did) have traumatized him a bit last year when we had a friend dress up as Santa and come to our house Christmas Eve. Note to parents: don't EVER do this!!! Here are pics from that encounter, does Pax look happy child on Christmas Eve in these pictures? NOPE!

We were driving today and there was a house with a ton of lights and a blow up Santa and I pointed it out to Pax and he said "Cool!!.....but Mom I still don't like Santa." Crap! What the hell have I done? I totally turned my kid against Christmas, that has to be illegal or something. Is SRS going to be knocking on my door? I wouldn't blame them if they did. Pax did help me decorate though, so maybe SLOWLY he is coming around? Maybe that's just what I tell myself so I can sleep at night.

This is him yelling at me to stop taking pictures!! Ha ha. Harper was in bed when we decorated so she saw it for the first time the next morning and she was so in awe of it, she wouldn't drink her bottle. She has done pretty good about not taking off the ornaments, or messing with it. She will walk over to it (yup she is walking) and put her finger on it and turn and look at me with a smile on her face. I tell her no and she laughs and walks away. She is hilarious. Mostly she just stares at it.


  1. LOL!! Those pictures from last year make me crack up everytime I see them! Poor kid! He looks SO big decorating the tree :( They turned out super cute. I can't believe Harper doesn't mess with the tree more. Wait till you put presents under there. Then they'll BOTH be after them!

  2. I love how Pax is crying on your lapa nd you are laughing!!! Too funny:)