Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swagger Wagon!!

Today is like Christmas for me because I am getting...............A Swagger Wagon (aka Toyota Sienna minivan)!!!!! I have been wanting a minivan forever (and no I never thought I would say that). Once we had Harper I realized that my little Honda Accord just wasn't cuttin it.

I needed automatic sliding doors, and 3rd row seating, and well just SPACE!!! Now all I had to do was convince the hubs that minivans were COOL..............he wasn't buyin it (literally and figuratively). So I have been asking, pleading, hinting, begging, bribing, him since we had Harper almost a year ago, and finally, FINALLY, he has come to his senses and agreed that we could get one. So he called our dealership in Manhattan yesterday and they got everything figured out and are delivering us (me) our van today!! Just in time for our big (long) trip to Missouri next week for Thanksgiving and my cousins wedding! I might sleep in it tonight (you think I am kidding, I am not).

And in case you haven't seen this, (all my facebook friends have a few times cause I post it a lot, it just never gets old) this is the reason I wanted the Toyota Sienna:

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  1. WOW Love the new ride! Joe's parents gave us a Chrysler T&C last year for Christmas and I LOVE it. It has the electric doors, dvd player and SO much more space than my little Nissan. We were (and still are) so excited to transition to a van (and we only had one kiddo.) I don't know why vans get such a bad rap. They really are awesome!