Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our week in pictures

Well we survived Snowmaggedon, or the Blizzard of Oz, or whatever other catchy name you want to call the weather we had last week. It wasn't fun, my workouts suffered, my children suffered, my insanity suffered, but we made it.........phew!

We didn't do much this week, stayed inside (duh) and tried not to kill each other. I did manage to snap a few pics, I have been slackin on picture taking lately. I just need to attach the camera to my hip cause whenever I see a Kodak moment, I go to grab the camera and BAM it's over. And I swear the only good pics I can get of Harper are of her in her high chair cause 1. she loves to eat so 90% of the time that's where she is and 2. she doesn't sit still....ever, so trying to take a picture of her when she is playing is impossible. I always end up taking a bajillion pictures of the back of her head as she is turning to run away.

It was pretty the first day, after that, I was over it.

We did make it to basketball practice Monday night cause it hadn't gotten bad out yet.

Eating yogurt. She is Miss Independent now and HAS to use a fork or spoon and do everything herself. This is usually a huge disaster and results in numerous outfit changes throughout the day.

Best friends! Nana and Papa came over Tuesday night for homeade chicken noodle soup.

Coloring. Think she is gonna be a lefty, she eats and colors with her left hand.

That's our week, so exciting wasn't it?
Is it Spring yet?

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