Friday, February 4, 2011

KC weekend.

Last weekend we went to KC so I could run my 5k, we stayed with my sister (Amber) and if I said it was a quiet and relaxing weekend, I would be lying out my butt. I'm sorry but there is NOTHING quiet and relaxing about 3 kids 3 and under!!! It's a madhouse when the cousins get together, lots of laughing, dancing, running and of course they fight too. But they love each other and everytime we leave, Pax talks about Aiden constantly and wants to know when we are going to see him again.

We took the midgets to Union Station on Saturday to see the trains (fun!) and then to Crown Center to eat at Fritz's (not fun!) Note to self: if it is an HOUR past the kids normal lunchtime and you see the long line outside the place you want to eat......GO HOME!!! It was a recipe for disaster. Fits were being thrown left and right, tears were shed, people stared, it was......well stressful :) AND to make it worse, the food wasn't even that good!!! You are basically paying for the atmosphere, A.K.A. a train that delivers your food! Whoopdie freakin doo, I could probably rig one of Paxton's trains to do the same thing! We ate and bolted, went straight home and put those grumpy kids to bed!!!

That night we watched K-State (lose) and just hung out at the house. We all went to bed early after our eventful day, plus I had a race to run the next day!!!

Side note: My sister and her boyfriend went out that night to celebrate Amber's birthday and got home at 2 am, then Mr.Aiden got up at 4:30 am and wouldn't go back to sleep! I woke up at 6:15 to get ready for the run and Harper and Pax were up at 6:45 and my sister had to watch all 3 kids after getting only 2.5 hours of sleep!! What a GREAT way to start your birthday right? So thank you sister for watching the kids so I could run, I love you!!

So excited to see the trains!

She looks so small cause Union Station is HUGE!

Auntie Sarah and Pax checkin out the trains.

Thomas and Percy!

he didn't want his picture taken.

attempted a picture of them.....yeah right.

watching the train come around, one of the few peaceful moments at lunch.

check out the sippy cup, and of course no pants! Ha!

First time eating chips and queso......loved it!! (takes after her mother)

Trying on her flower girl dress for Sarah's wedding........wah!!!!!

Laugh every time I see this one! Sarah wearing Paxton's Transformers helmet!! Ha ha ha.


  1. bahahaha i'm lovin the last pic :) Great pictures! That sure was a fun/good birth control weekend. I think we learned our lesson on having a late lunch and nap. NEVER again!

    I'm gonna bawl like a baby on my wedding day after I see all the kiddos all dressed up.

  2. Laughing so hard at the last pic!!! Thanks so much for taking care of my child ALL weekend!!!