Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Thoughts by Amy

I say random thoughts because it has been about a trillion years since I blogged and there is a lot to write about (did you just get SUPER excited?!?). I dunno why I haven't been blogging, life has been so busy lately!! You would think I would have more time to blog since I don't work as much but now my days and nights are crammed with Paxtons things, volunteering, play practice (yes I am in a play, quit laughing!) etc etc etc. You get the picture. So here goes my random thoughts, don't say you weren't warned.

1. Cooking, as in I have been doing it a lot more lately....and enjoying it!! I have been on Weight Watchers for almost a month now and it's going really well. I cook more often now so that I can control what ingredients I use and how many points the meal is going to be. WW has GREAT recipes that I have been using and I love knowing that I am feeding my kids healthy stuff. However I miss cheese, I love cheese, cheese and I have always been best friends. Don't get me wrong, I can still eat cheese, WW doesn't tell you NOT to eat things, it just teaches you moderation. However cheese is like crack to me so I don't understand moderation and it's best to try to avoid it all together. I do allow myself one WW string cheese a day (which is about half the size of a regular string cheese) and one slice of swiss (bleh) cheese on my sandwich. I swear, swiss cheese is like the beige of boring!!!! I will use shredded cheese in some of my recipes, but instead of a whole bag (seriously I used to use an entire bag for most things) I only use 1/4 of a cup (tear tear). I am so close to my first goal weight though, so all this (cheese) sacrifice is worth it. I hope to be to at my second goal weight by my sisters wedding in April...........and if I am, then I am eating the biggest plate of nachos with the processed (yummo!!!) nacho cheese on it (Sarah, you think you could serve THIS at your reception, screw formal dinner, nachos are sooo much classier!!)

2. Kids, they are doing well. Harper is sick (what's new) and I am thinking it's bronchitis. Poor baby has the worst cough, but we have been giving her breathing treatments and antibiotics so hope it clears up. Her blood (yeah she got pricked twice) and nose swabs (4 times) have come back negative for flu and RSV, waiting on the pertussis (whooping cough) one to come back. Hoping and praying it's not that, but she has been vaccinated so it's pretty unlikely that's what it is. Paxton is still loving preschool and basketball. He is one busy little dude. Last Monday he was in Kid Zone in the morning, we came home for lunch, he went to school all afternoon then when it was time to go to basketball later that evening he said "Mom, I don't want to go to basketball, can I just rest here on the couch instead?" He was so tired!!! He has been saying the funniest things lately, here are a few of them:

-I got onto him the other day about something so he picks up his play cell phone and says :
"Nana, can I come over now? Mommy is being mean to me."
then he switched voices to pretend he was Nana and said:
"Sure Paxton come over and play."
then he hung up the phone and says, "Nana said I can come over."

-same day, same play phone:
I was saying something to him and he looks up from his phone and says:
"just a minute Mom!! I am texting Nana!!"

-we were praying the other night at bedtime and he said:
"God likes my words."

-Just today we were in the car and I asked him if he wanted to go to the park:
Pax-"Yeah lets go to the red park."
Me-"which one is the red park?"
Pax-"you know!!"
Me-"No I don't buddy"
Pax-"Well put it into that thing there (points at GPS) and it will tell you where to go"

There are so many more, I just can't remember them. I need to write them down, I always think I will remember them but hell I can't, I am getting old!!!

3.K-State beat KU.....enough said!!!!! :)

4. Because of #3 I am missing Manhattan more than ever so the kids and I are going there next weekend. I can't wait, I need a Manhappiness fix. Plus I feel like we haven't seen my Dad forever and I really miss him (so does Pax) so we are going to get a Papa Long fix too!

5. Doing another run in April. The Brew to Brew in KC/Lawrence. It's a team run, and you start at Boulevard Brewing Co (in KC) and run to..........uh I can't remember (damn memory again!!) but it's somewhere in Lawrence. There are 7 on my team including Josh!! I am pretty excited to do a run with him, especially one that is fun. He is a little worried about having to run 2 legs of the race for a total of 7 miles, but I know he can do it (I sure as heck am not!!!!) I asked for the shortest, easiest leg because I am DEFINATELY the weakest link.

6. LOVING this warmer weather, I dunno about you guys but all that snow and cold was about to send this Momma and her kids OVER.THE.EDGE. I was THIS CLOSE to sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth, crying and talking to myself (you think I am kidding, I am not). Plus I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with the treadmill and I am ready to start running outside again.

I am sure there is a lot more I am forgetting to talk (uh write?) about, but the kids are killing each other and the screen door is open so I don't want SRS called on me because of their screaming. Gotta skedaddle!!

Here are some pics of the kiddos this last week. Harper had a Valentine outfit for each day (stop rolling your eyes, I know I am borderline obsessed with girl stuff, I am looking into treatment options). I actually forgot to take a picture of one of them, but here are the others.

Oufit 1

#2, she was THRILLED to take this picture!

Outfit 3, this was her actual Valentines outfit and my favorite!!

Outfit 4.....the next few photos are the same outfit.

Look who finally decided to let me take a picture of him!! Not just 1, but a few of them!! SCORE!

Of course he had to be silly.

My handsome boy...he is growing up soooo fast!

And there's the real him again!!

Valentines that Pax and I made for his class.....lollipop flowers. They had Transformers (shocker) cards attached to the stems.

Cupcakes I made for his class party.....took the rest to work and some to Willies for the girls. If these are in my house they WILL get eaten (by me of course) so I had to remove them ASAP!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! All the kids goodies.

So happy about his Transformers coloring book.

Baby girl checking out her presents.

Do you see that little bit of hair on the top of her head, do you see it, do you, do you? WOO HOO for hair!!!!

Why can't they always be this sweet?

Or this sweet?


  1. I love love love this blog

    it has so many great WW recipes and low-cal recipes! I started trying them before I got prego :) Good luck!

  2. OMG I was literally laughing out loud at Paxton's quotes. I even had to read them to Derek. That kid is ssoo funny! I can't believe he changed his voice to be nana, ha!

    LOVE all the pics. Harpers outfits are to die for and I'm so happy you put her in bows for once! love love the last 2 pics.

    Believe me, I considered the mexican buffet that they offer at Colbert. Derek turned it down...rude! I'm trying to cut back on cheese too. What is our families obsession with cheese? I used to make cheese dip once a week and I haven't made it in weeks! Go us!!

  3. Megan-YES!! I love skinnytaste! I haven't made any yet but there are a few I can't wait to try.

    Sarah-I know, I wish I could remember all the funny things he has been doing lately. Actually tonight after he went to the bathroom he told me he had a "mommy poop and a baby poop" SERIOUSLY!!??

    Yeah not sure what our obsession with cheese it, but man it's hard not to eat it!! Just tonight I made yummy healthy turkey enchilidas and Josh ate some when he got home BUT he brought queso from Willies home to eat with it! That is SOOO rude! I could literally drink that at this point. Harper is getting a little better about bows. YEAH!!

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  5. why do you make me read SOOO much before i get to see pics of the kids?? ugh. :) You went on and on about cheese.... I dont know how i'd ever give it up. you dont wanna KNOW how much i used on our enchiladas tonight! Pax is the funniest kid i know... god i love him. Baby girl is stinkin adorable. LOVE that last dress, can't wait for her to wear it next year too with a white shirt and jeans. cute!!!

  6. Amy you must try the Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Light... jsut spread it on it is SOO Yummy and falls in your WW!! Eat away!