Thursday, October 13, 2011


it’s pumpkin time!!

We have a pumpkin patch outside of El Dorado that kicks a**!!! I am not kidding, this place is completely amazeballs!! I get giddy with excitement every time I drive by it (mainly because that means I am going back to Manhattan) but also because it truly is the bomb diggity.



This weekend was our first (we usually go about 3 times each October) visit to the patch because my sister, Mom, and nephew were in town for my run (half marathon…..did ya know?………yeah probably, so I should shut up about it now). It was 80 degrees when we got there and 64 when we left………hello Kansas weather, you are a real schizo!!

Pax, Harper and Aiden are all at really good ages to appreciate the greatness of The Patch (yup that’s my new name for it, that just happened, lets go with it mmmmkay?)


Look at them ups that Sarah has……rock on with your bad self girl!!!


There is so many fun things for me the kids to do. Jumpy pillow thing, train ride, hay bales, corn maze (we skipped that…..Sarah and I did that 2 years ago and got completely lost………I was pregnant…….it was scary…….never again!)



Oh yeah, look at Mr. Superstar showin off his mad skills at hay bale jumping….show off.

The kids loved the train ride……….ok I lie, Pax and Aiden loved it……… Harper was scared.


Yes doesn’t the train just SCREAM scariness? I have no idea where she gets her fear from……….I am fearless (unless it is tornados, waves, pool vacuums, aliens, ghosts, sasquatch………….well you get the idea). So she didn’t actually ride in the train…….. scaredy cat.

My favorite part of The Patch? The concession stands…..duh!!! Hot dogs, nachos, homemade cookies, Bierocks, bbq sandwiches….. the list goes on and just makes my mouth water thinking about it!! I had to keep it plain since I had a run the next day and just had the bierock but it did not disappoint!

Have I mentioned how IMPOSSIBLE it is to get a good picture of 3 kids 3 and under? No? Well it is!! How hard is it to LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND SMILE?!?!?!? It’s very simple kids, I am not asking you to perform open heart surgery……….just look and smile. That’s it. Sheesh!


The swings were a HUGE hit though!!



As were the rocks and creek……….ok those aren’t actually a MAIN ATTRACTION of The Patch, but these kids sure thought it was.




The bikes are one of the best parts of The Patch……….doesn’t Aiden look thrilled? He hated having his picture taken all day, he would get so mad when I pointed it at him.


Oh you didn’t think we would leave without having a little fun ourselves did you? It’s not ALL about the kids. The one of my Mom cracks me up, check out the old dude in the background, it’s like he is thinking “ok Lady, enough of those shennanigans.”

And of course no trip to the patch would be complete without standing next to the growth chart pumpkin.

pumpkin patch 118

Paxton’s first visit……he was almost 2 in this pic. Aaaaaaw!!!


Good times were had by all.


  1. sssooo much fun. Can't wait to see how much the kids grow next to that growth chart each year. And hopefully we'll have another to add next year :) Now i'm going to steal all these pics and do a post myself

  2. You got some really GREAT pictures! All the kiddos are so damn cute! I wish Manhattan's PP was half as good :(