Tuesday, October 4, 2011


it was epic……….


That is the only way to describe our weekend. It’s quite fitting, ask anyone who was there………that is if they can remember it all.

My sister did an awesome job organizing a tailgate for Derek’s birthday and Janice and Freedom were so nice to let us use their house. There was lots of food, beer, and of course lots of friends and family.

~Beware picture overload below. My siblings kept calling me the paparazzi, but hey someone has to document these times. Just call me the memory maker, yo!~

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To make the day even better? A certain team (ahem, K-STATE!!) beat Baylor!! Happy freakin birthday Derek, that is a bomb diggity birthday present right there!! Josh and I had some good seats minus the old lady behind us who apparently thought that she was Coach Snyder’s assistant and kept screaming out plays (that weren’t even right, she had NO idea what she was talking about!)


I have no idea why, but I get choked up at the beginning of every K-State, and by choked up I mean I CRY!! I can’t help it, I just love those Wildcats, and Captain Bill, and Willie, and Manhattan, and football!! I bleed purple peeps, I bleed purple.

We decided to forego Aggieville and just hung out at our old stomping ground Willies and The Pub. We MAY have gotten a little crazy and there MAY have been dancing on the bar (I claim no responsibility in this, I blame the juke box for playing some mad jams all night!!)


Yes there was Man in the Mirror action (shocking isn’t it?), of COURSE there was Don’t Stop Believing, and pretty sure there was some Cupid Shuffle thrown in there, and it all ended with a Tiny Dancer serenade on top of the bar to a cute couple who got up and 2-stepped while we sang to them (yeah that happened, we are THAT COOL, people!!!)

The day after consisted of sleeping in late (no kids, remember?), getting up, showering, laying BACK down for a mid-day snooze, late lunch at Chipotle, then of course the drive back home to get the kids and back to reality.

All in all it was a fun weekend, there was a little drama, but that is to be expected in a group that size with personalities as strong as we all have. I love my family though, and we were all laughing it up the next day as we recalled some of the highlights of the night. Like when……….oh wait you didn’t think I was actually gonna dish that dirt? Uh-uh my friends, what happens in Manhattan, stays in Manhattan.

Happy Birthday D-Rock, glad I was able to celebrate with you (ps-did you know the bartender at the Pub thought we were married since we were playing Mega Touch together? Ha!)


  1. Such great pics! Thanks for being the paparazzi. I didn't get any pics of everyone at the party and you did a great job at it. Very fun day and night. Thanks for spending it with us!

  2. Love it, Amy. The pictures are beautiful!