Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Ramblings and Photo Dump…..

This is my first Saturday night in 12 weeks that I have not went to bed before 10, whoop whoop!!! I feel like such a rebel! Oh look at me, it’s 10:55 and I am still awake, woooooo crazy girl over here, livin on the edge!!!

However, I feel a little lost knowing that I am not getting up to run early tomorrow morning. Next week my running commences (yes I took a week off, what of it?) and I plan on running Saturday’s starting next week.

Why? Because I already have the itch to run a half marathon again. It’s like childbirth…………during it you think “OMG this is the worst thing EVER, I am NEVER doing this again, why would anyone put themselves through this? This is hell on earth!!” Then 2 days later as your holding your bundle of joy (or your medal…….yes I cradle it sometimes…don’t judge me) you think “oh pretty baby, I want to do this again!!” So there will be more races and who knows, maybe (huge stress on the word maybe) a full marathon is in the cards. Don’t get your panties in a wad B, I haven’t committed to anything yet.

My child (Paxton) is apparently hard of hearing lately…….he doesn’t listen at all!! It drives me completely nutso. I sure don’t like hearing myself on repeat all day long, plus who wants to be a nag? Not me. But what do you do? He.won’t.listen.

“Pax get dressed,” nothing, nada, just sits there, staring at me with a blank look on his face.

“Pax go to bed,” gets up 8 bajillion times, needs water, needs to pee, needs to poop, needs to comb his hair.

“Pax pick up your toys,” gets out MORE toys, needs to pee, needs to poop, blames his sister.

“Pax put your shoes on,” plays with his Transformers, watches tv, needs to pee, needs to poop.

You get my drift. What do I do? I hope this is a phase, however, I believe this is just the beginning of a lifetime of nagging on my part and ignoring on his part. YEAH!!!!

Harper, Harper, Harper. She now has to wear a sweet getty-up when she goes to bed which consists of tight pants with a onesie buttoned over it, so she won’t get butt ass naked in the middle of the night. All those cute pajamas I bought for her? Nope, can’t wear them, they will last 2 seconds in her crib before she strips nekid.

Today, I had to get a babysitter while I went to work. When I got home Harper was still sleeping and when she woke up I went in to get her. She looked right at me and said “where’s Chelsea?” (ok it was more like “where’s titi?” but I knew what she was saying). I told her Chelsea went home and she started WAILING, put her head down, threw herself on the pillow, pulled the covers over her head, and refused to look at me……….ummmmmm dramatic much?

Yesterday, she climbed up on the built-in cabinets in our living room, I looked over and was like “Gah!! Girlfriend you are going to break your leg!!” and proceeded to get her off of it. She looked right at me and said….wait for it….."mean Mommy!!!” Then she walked around repeating it over and over. Ok…..I get it…….I am mean……quit rubbing it in my face!!! But truth be told, I wasn’t sure whether I should be mad that she was calling me mean, or happy that she was putting 2 words together since we continue to struggle in the speech department.

The other day (ok like 2 weeks ago, I might be a little behind on posting this, whatever) we made homemade play-doh. It was a BIG hit………….the kids liked it too.


Do you die over their aprons? My friend, Brandy, made them. Check out her website here (click on it, now, do it!!) to see all the super cute things she makes!! The kids love wearing these….and I am a little jealous and might have to have her make me one too.kids7kids8kids9kids10

Yeah!! Play-doh is so much fun!!


 Ok, I may or may not, have been super possessive of the things I made with the play-doh. I have to admit, I rocked some mad animal creations and all Paxton wanted to do was squash them. I am pretty sure he was jealous of how awesome my animals were.

Have I mentioned how Harper loves to get into the fridge, the pantry, the cupboards, EVERYTHING!! Well she does.

I was getting ready in the bathroom the other day and noticed she was quiet….too quiet…..that’s never good.

I walk out and see the fridge door wide open….ruh-roh…what did she get? 


Hummus and pita bread. Phew!


At least she was nice enough to offer me some. I just went with it………I mean at least she got a healthy snack…….she could have chose the Bud Light in the fridge (that would have been my pick) so kudos to her!!


Practicing with the tri-pod and self-timer on the camera…….apparently I didn’t bother with the focusing part of the camera since these are a little blurry……. Hey I don’t claim to be a professional.


And just in case you didn’t think this post was random enough…….here are pictures from the poster party at the Y a couple of days before my run… ended up being a disaster that included lots of glitter…….lots of crying on Harper’s part due to so many strangers wanting to talk to her (how dare they try to speak to her and be nice!)………and a fit thrown by Pax because Harper kept trying to write on his poster……….good time were NOT had by all!! But, give girlfriend a water bottle and apparently all is right in the world!


Ok, enough randomness and rambling……..I am done now. You’re welcome.


  1. Love the blog as usual. panties are in a big ole wad!

  2. Your crazy. Another 1/2, sure.... A full?? Your headed straight to the looney bin :)