Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 52- FIVE & SIX

I am still a week behind on this project, every other blogger is on week 7, but hey I like to be different so I am going to be a week behind. Yeah, let’s go with that, mmmmmmk?


How spoiled have we been this winter?!?!? 50’s and 60’s in January and February? Hello….love it! We have this awesome bike path a couple blocks away from our house, so the kids and I try to go for walks on there as often as we can. Thankfully we have been able to do that a lot lately. One day, I just took Harper with me on a walk, we needed some alone time together. She loves that she doesn’t have to ride in a stroller and can walk on her own. She will run and run, then stop and look at every stick, rock, bug, bird, etc. I don’t mind though, when we are out there, time doesn’t really matter. We are in the fresh air, it’s quiet and peaceful, and hopefully I am creating memories they will always remember….I know I will.


And then in the midst of all this nice weather, we get our first true snowfall of the year (it wouldn’t be Kansas if it wasn’t 60 one day and snowing the next!) As much as I love the warm weather, I wanted the kids to have ONE good snowfall this year so they could play in it. I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen, I didn’t even know snow was in the forecast!! Then we woke up on Monday to a world covered in white!! I think I was just as giddy as the kids. We went and played in it twice that day, and they loved it. The next day, Harper woke me up by walking in the room with her gloves and saying “Mommy, I play in snow now?” But of course, in true Kansas form… had already melted. Oh well, one day of snowy magic was worth it for us.

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