Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life Lately….

So besides my Project 52 posts (that I am usually late on) I haven’t blogged at all lately. I want to, really I do, it’s just organizing all the thoughts and voices in my head into one clear blog post is somewhat difficult.

So here is our life lately…..

I will start with me, because I am the Mama Bear, and because I am writing this: I am training for my 2nd half marathon. Wha-at!! I really didn’t think I would do another half until next fall, but a couple girls in the running group twisted my arm and talked me into doing the Johnston’s half in Wichita on April 29th.

Yesterday, I ran with my girls and we had hill training. I got a text the night before saying that we were going to run the “bad ass” hill. It was in a new location, so I was already nervous about that, but I was ready to tackle that B.A. hill.

I pull up to the parking lot (at 4:30 a.m.) it is still dark out, we are at a “not safe” location, we are lit-er-ally the only people awake at that hour, and it is a little scary (and by that, I mean TOTALLY scary).

I see the other girls there waiting for me so I pull up and roll down my window and say “are you *bleeping* kidding me!?!?!” They laughed at me, they know that I have a huge fear of wild animals, dogs, and sasquatch (I don’t care what you say, they exist).

They inform me that we will be running on the old highway through the country (uh, ok sounds like a GREAT time!!)

We start running, the road is pretty well lit the first 1/2 mile, then all of a sudden there are NO lights, we are running on an abandoned highway, in the middle of B.F.E. and I am TERRIFIED!! We can only see about a foot in front of us, and I keep thinking a mountain lion, rabid dog, or a squatch, is waiting to attack us in the darkness ahead.

The girls thought it was hilarious, me? I wanted to cry, I kept looking from side to side and behind me and just knew that we were going to make the local news that night:


Well, obviously we made it (Big Foot must have been sleeping), but it was seriously the scariest run of my life. I was so scared of the darkness that I barely noticed the 2 hills that totally kicked our asses.

So I conquered my fear of the dark, sasquatch, and killer hills, all in the name of training for another half marathon. 

Running my 2nd half marathon in April means that I can say that I have officially ran 2 half marathons before I turn 30!

Speaking of the big 3-0, it’s happenin’ (in June) in a big way……. Vegas baby!!! Well technically we are celebrating it  the weekend before my actual birthday, but still…..baller!! (yeah I said baller, don’t judge me) I am not scared to turn 30, I am totally cool with it. 30 is the new 20 so bring it!

Paxton: Let me just give you some examples of what this kid is like on a daily basis-

Sitting at the table eating lunch:

P: “Mom! What is going on in my belly with my blood and bones and food?”

Me: “Uh…what? Where did that come from?”

P: “From my mouth!!”

I still have no idea what he was talking about.


We went on a walk the other day and I pointed out a bird in a tree-

P: “Mom! Is that a pecker?”

Me: laughing uncontrollably because I am super mature like that.

P: “well is it Mom, is it a pecker? Have you ever seen a pecker?”

Me: hunched over the sidewalk trying not to wet my pants... “Why yes, yes I have.” And then we moved on and left the “pecker” in the tree.

He got in trouble the other night and had to go to bed early. I put him in bed and was walking out-

P: “Mom, I’m sorry!! Do I have to go to bed?”

Me: “Yes Pax, I warned you once and you still didn’t listen so you have to go to bed now.”

P: “But I am sorry! Sorry is a nice word and so is please….so I am sorry and can I please stay up?”

Me: (Laughing) “those are nice words, but they aren’t going to work in this situation, goodnight!!




So I had the moment every mother fears….I lost Pax at Wal-Mart!! He was walking with me (we were in the women’s dept.) and he was mad because I wouldn’t buy him anything, so he was whining. All of a sudden I noticed I didn’t hear him whining anymore and looked down and he wasn’t there!! I started running all around, yelling his name, looking in the racks of lingerie (ha!) and could not find him. I was just about to go to the front to report him missing when I saw him standing in an aisle crying. I wanted to hug him and beat him all at the same time!!! I hugged him so hard, then yanked his hand and went straight to the check-out. All the while he is still throwing a fit and yelling (loudly), and people are seriously staring at us. I am avoiding all eye contact and just want to get out of there as fast as I can:

P: “You left me Mom!!”

Me: “No Pax, I didn’t move, you left my side, which you are never supposed to do!!”

P: “You lost me and you don’t even care!!! You never let me do anything!! You won’t let me do the dishes, you won’t let me fold my clothes and you never let me cut up my steak!!”

Me: at this point I don’t know whether to laugh or cry….so I just laugh. What do you even say to that?!?!

So that sums up Pax lately. He is a curious child, he wants to know about everything!! He also (apparently) wants to help with chores (and cutting his steak)….hey you don’t have to twist my arm little fella, knock yourself out!!


Harper (26 months):

Still my wild child. Still my stubborn child. Still my independent child. Never a dull moment with that one….no siree,

She is sleeping in a big girl bed now. Night time she does great….. naptime? Not so much. She gets out of bed and will shove toys, and books and pretty much whatever else will fit underneath her door. Her bedroom is right off the living room, so I will look over and see the toys being pushed under her door. It’s like she is saying “hey Mom, I am still in here, and I am NOT napping!!” The past 2 weeks she has only taken a nap about 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time she just plays in her room for 2 hours (she can’t open the door, we put a child-proof knob on the inside). Hopefully this is a phase and naps return 100% of the time SOON!!


She is fully potty trained, and in underwear all day and night. One night I was sleeping on my side and opened my eyes and her little face is inches away from mine, and she is just smiling. I screamed, and jumped up. She just looks at me and says “I need to pee Mommy.” No idea how long she had been there staring at me!! Weirdo!! She was getting up every night about 2 a.m. to go to the bathroom (it was like having a puppy!!) so we finally cut off all liquids after 6 p.m. and now she can go all night without having to go. Luckily the transition to underwear was really easy, and she has never wet the bed.


She has to get herself dressed, do NOT even try to do it for her! And it takes FOREVER!! And usually results with her underwear on upside down, pants on backwards and her being stuck in her shirt, and then (and only then) are you allowed to help her.


Even though she can make me want to pull all my hair out, there are moments when she melts me. Like at night when she folds her hands to pray and says “Amen” really quietly when we are done. Or when you do something so simple for her, like pick her fork up when she drops it, and she gasps and says “thank you much Mom!!” like she can’t even believe you would do that for her.  That’s when I know that underneath that tough exterior of hers, is still a soft little girl. She IS sugar and spice, that’s for sure!!


I love these kids. They drive me completely batshit crazy sometimes, but they also make me laugh and remind me not to take myself too seriously. They force me to relax a little more, and not care that life may not always be perfect………but it’s a lot more fun with them around.





Happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. Woot! Good luck with the half in April. That's my birthday, so I'll probably eat a piece of cake to celebrate your accomplishment :). Your kiddos are super cute!