Monday, July 2, 2012

June…..It Rocked My World

Still managed to get a song in the title, and it’s Michael Jackson which is sooooo fitting for my month of June!!

Hey, it’s July up in here, wha-what!!! Why is that so exciting? It means I don’t have any more trips or weekends away planned and my poor liver can have a much needed break.

Here is a breakdown of my month of June:

Surprise party given by my bestie.

Weekend to Milford Lake

Trip to Vegas

Actual 30th Birthday weekend (which actually did NOT involve any partying, go figure). It did involve a movie, air show and carnival.

Weekend in Manhattan for Frakes wedding.

Phew. That, my friends, is a lot of good times right there. Gooooood times.

I have yet to do my Vegas post, and I probably never will so here is a snippet of what went down in Sin City:

We partied, we gambled, we stayed up waaaay too late, we freaked out when we saw a Michael Jackson impersonator perform (oh wait, that was just me), we ate lots of food, rode the scary a#$ roller-coaster at NY NY, saw the fountains at Bellagio, got harassed by the hooker card people on the streets, lost money, won money, lost it again, got arrested.

Totally kidding on that last one, just seeing if you were still paying attention.


Left to right: Beer with the hubs before we left for Vegas. On the plane. View from plane (thank you JOSH for not paying extra for reserved seats, I now have a view of the engine…wait that IS the engine right?). Bloody Mary on the plane (shitty view? Might as well drink!!). MJ slot machine, rock on! Riding in the elevator alone. View from the pool. Scary a#$ roller coaster. Sis and I at pool. Sis and I at dinner. After dinner coffee in Vegas=lame, but I needed a pick-me-up. Reason for my freak out, oh hells yeah! Bumblebee and I, Pax thought this picture was SO COOL!! Bellagio fountains at day. Bellagio fountains at night WITH the hubby who had finally recovered from his all night bender and joined me. Great dinner with even better friends.

And of course my 2 favorite pics from V-Town:

Bam! Amazeballs!


This was from my actual birthday weekend:







 These are from our trip to heaven, crap, I mean Manhattan. I got to babysit Baby Jackson (bottom left pic, don’t you die from his cuteness?); kids and I enjoyed some Orange Leaf (seriously Manhattan, you wait until I move to get cool?!? Anyone from Manhattan will totally understand what I mean by that, that town is LEGIT now!!!); and of course Christopher Wayne Frakes got married!!! I have known this boy since he was a little fella and now he is all growned up and handsome and totally in love with his beautiful wife. Willie the Wildcat even made an appearance, HOLLA!!

And I just have to mention that my 6 year wedding anniversary was the same day as the wedding and my dates were……my kids. Sigh, such is the life of a restaurant owner. My pregnant sister took my kiddos home so I could hang out longer at the reception, so then my dates were……… Dad and Brother in-law. Wha-what, happy anniversary to me!!!

Speaking of pregnant sister:

I'm a GIRL!!!

Woo hoo!! Harper is going to have a little friend! Watch out Paxton and Aiden, these girls are going to rule you!!!

And speaking of little babies, my best friend B had her little girl yesterday. Amelia Blair Lane is here and I can’t wait to snuggle and spoil her!! Mommy and baby are doing well and should be home tomorrow!


So June was a busy month, but a FUN month. I am looking forward to a slower pace of life in July; poolin’ it up with the kids, begin training for 3rd half marathon, shopping for my niece and spoiling the crap out of Miss Amelia. Life is good my peeps, life is  good.

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  1. I was right along with you for most of June and I am just as excited for a break in July. Except maybe a trio to El dog :)

    Omg sssoo stealing my sono pic you fancied up. I'm not smart enough to do that but I LOVE it!