Thursday, September 13, 2012

This and That

I am LOVIN’ the cold and rainy weather we are having today. Don’t you just love the first REAL chilly day of the year? It’s only 65, but to me it feels like 30 degrees and I am ready to bust out the sweater and leggings………ok, GUILTY….I busted out the leggings.

First of all, Facebook gets on my nerves like a million times a day, but it’s like crack… much as you hate what it does to you, you keep using it (disclaimer: I have never actually done crack, but I watch a lot of Intervention episodes so I feel like I know what it would be like).

Filter people, FILTER!! As in, put one on your shiznipp. It’s a social community, not a therapist. To me, less is more, repeat after me….LESS.IS.MORE. That is why I have this trusty dusty blog……THAT is where my mind vomit goes and the people who read it choose to. But even on here I don’t get into marriage deets (you’re welcome Josh) or personally attack people, or places. Why? Why would I? It accomplishes nothing and just makes me look stupid.

Ok, stepping off my soapbox now..

Pax is having a rough week in school this week. 2 days he hasn’t come home with a sticker (they get a sticker if they had a good day). Apparently Mister is getting into fights with kids at school. I am not sure if it’s fighting or just boys wrestling, but regardless, it’s not ok!! I just didn’t expect this from him, and I don’t mean that in a “oh my child is sooo good and soooo perfect and he would never do anything wrong” I mean it in a “he has always been rotten for me, but is always pretty well behaved for other people so I am sad that this no longer holds true.”

I absolutely won’t tolerate my child misbehaving in school, I don’t care who started it, who was in the wrong, etc. If his behavior warrants him not getting a sticker, than obviously it’s behavior his teacher does not agree with and I back up the teacher 100%. I talked to him on the phone the first day he didn’t get a sticker (I was working and Josh was home with him), I asked him how he felt about not getting a sticker and if pushing the other boy was worth not getting a sticker and I guess he just started crying because Josh had to take away the phone. At least he is showing remorse though….at least I thought he was until the same thing happened the next day!!

So I made him write a note to his teacher apologizing for misbehaving and when I walked him in today, he gave it to her. She assures me that it’s not just him, but again, it doesn’t matter if it’s just him or the whole class, it’s just not ok with me. The first thing he said this morning when he woke up was:

“Mom, I am going to try my best to be good today and get a sticker.”


Harper is still enjoying school. I took my friends out to the farm to take maternity pics, and on the way back into town Harper is in the back talking Phil’s ear off and I hear her say:

“And Dod (God) said; no eat dat apple!! And den dat neaky nake (sneaky snake) came and said to eat dat apple…and dey did!!! And den dey built a big boat and all da animals came.”

Soooo obviously she is learning stuff, and maybe getting her bible stories mixed up, but that’s neither here nor there. Her speech is getting better (obviously need to work on th’s and s’s), I think being around other kids who are a little more advanced, helps her. It’s still not great, but she is talking a lot more, and really trying.

And oh my goodness, girlfriend is obsessed with Michael Jackson. I am sure you are all aware of my own obsession with MJ that has gone on since I was in 5th grade:

dressed up as him TWICE for Halloween, wallpapered my room in pictures of him, own a Michael Jackson doll, know every song right down to the hee-hee and ow’s, performed to Man in the Mirror AT my wedding reception (not planned but awesome all the same), have been known to perform Man in the Mirror pretty much whenever I have had alcohol (my husband wants to die of embarrassment every time), the day he died my phone was blowing up with texts and calls from family and friends wondering if I was ok, and I tried to take bereavement pay on the day of his funeral but APPARENTLY your life-long idol isn’t considered family and was denied. Whatever.

but I swear I had nothing to do with this! Last November I had dvr’d the movie This Is It (the one that came out right after he….gulp….passed away). About a month ago I was scrolling through the list and she saw it and wanted to watch it…..and the rest is history (ha, history, get it? No? It was one of MJ’s albums….never mind).

All she wants to watch is Michael Dackson, all.the.time. I am one of the biggest fans of him EVER and even I am sick of it!!


My neighbor stopped by the other evening and we were (of course) watching Michael Jackson and I could see her glancing at the t.v. and I am sure she was thinking:


I hope this is a phase, don’t get me wrong, I want my children to appreciate the greatness that was (gulp) the King of Pop. However, I don’t need them to turn into obsessive freaks like I was (am).

Here is a video I took yesterday….just to prove that I am not encouraging this.

Harper also started dance at a new dance studio last week. She is taking a ballet/tap combo class and the cuteness of it about kills me. They HAVE to wear a leotard and tights to every class, and seeing all these little girls in their adorable outfits lit-er-ally makes my heart stop.







And to top of my randomness I will leave you with this guy who is my new idol. I mean, I can’t even get over the hilariousness of him. This is just one of his videos, but go to YouTube and watch all of them and be prepared to be amazed. You don’t have to be a K-State fan (asshole) to appreciate the pure talent he has for being funny as hell!!

You’re welcome.

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