Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

Thanksgiving was not quite as relaxing as usual, for me at least, because I actually worked at 6:30 am on Thanksgiving day. Yes people actually got up and came to work out at the Y on Thanksgiving morning!! I volunteered to work the shift though since my maternity leave will fall over Christmas and all my co-workers will have to work but I won't. It was not that bad though and I was off by 11:15. We spent the day with Josh's family and had a great dinner, and a good nap after :) On Friday I was one of the crazy people up at 4 am to hit up Walmart, but it was worth it cause I got some great deals. My side of the family was doing Thanksgiving on Saturday and I was not going to go to it since I am so close to due date and would have to travel alone with Pax since Josh would be working. BUT after lots of begging from my sisters, I decided to go and headed out after work on Friday. My sisters had no idea I was coming, I decided it would be fun to surprise them, and it was worth it to see the look on Sarah's face when we walked up to the door at my Dad's Friday night. It ended up being a great weekend (with no baby of course) AND I got to enjoy my Dad's great cooking. It was a little bittersweet when we left though because I had to say goodbye to my nephew Aiden knowing that the next time I saw him he would be 1!!! I will miss his birthday party next weekend because it is only a few days after my scheduled c-section, and I am very sad about this. All in all it was a nice holiday weekend with lots of food, family and fun!
I was making pumpkin pie and spilled the batter ALL over Paxton!! What a mess!
My first time making coconut cream was a success!!!!
The Hall family
The Long girls

Auntie Sarah playing toys with her boys, she is such a great Aunt!!

Tuckered out after lots of food and playing!!


  1. BEST surprise!! We just couldn't have Thanksgiving without you guys! Next year, dads house will be a zoo with all the little kids running around, can't wait!!

  2. p.s. the orange font has to go. It doesn't match the wonderful page I have made for you :) Harper's pic will be added the day she is born!