Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Harper 8 weeks

Harper is 2 months old today!! She has changed so much since the day we brought her home. She is such a good baby too! The past week has been a little rough for the poor girl, she has thrush in her mouth which then turned into a bad diaper rash and she has RSV so she is pretty stuffed up and has a bad cough. The doctor doesn't think it's a very severe case of it so we are just waiting for it to run it's course. She has still been in a great mood though, she was even smiling really big at Josh as he was sucking out her nose with the bulb syringe thing....seriously even I would scream if someone used that thing on me!!! Here is what she is doing at 8 weeks of age:
-Weighs a little over 9 lbs, she got weighed at doctors this week but WITH clothes on since it wasn't a well visit so it wasn't quite accurate.
- smiles and coos
-watches her toys on her swing, she lights up when I put her in it and she just stares at them smiling until I turn it on.
-only waking up ONCE to eat in the middle of the night!! Usually 2:30 on the dot!
-still taking quite a few naps during the day
-eats every 2-3 hours during the day
-wearing 3 month clothes (yeah!!!!)
-she LOVES watching Pax

I am still nursing, although the thrush thing has NOT been pleasant for me either, if you don't know what I mean, I hope you NEVER do :) Going back to work has not affected it at all, that was my biggest worry, but so far all is still going well. We have started giving her a little bit of formula at her last feeding before we put her down, Josh will feed her about 2 oz then I take her in the room and nurse her and that seems to have been the key to her sleeping longer during the night. Hey whatever it takes for a few more hours of sleep right???

Here is an update on Paxton as well. He is sick too this week with a sinus infection, he gets these about once a month!! Augmentin, the medicine he takes for it, has been a lifesaver though! He is 80% better within a day of starting it! I just wish we could do something to PREVENT the infection in the first place. He weighs 28 lbs and is ALL BOY!! I swear the kid doesn't walk ever, he just runs, runs, runs. He is going through the "why?" stage and boy howdy it's exhausting. He will point to a picture of an animal and ask what it is, and when I answer he says "why?" HOW DO YOU ANSWER THAT?!?!? I am told this stage never ends so just get used to it :) He has started to be afraid of the dark (takes after his mother, acutally takes after his mother's siblings too!) We now have to have a night light on, and his closet light when he goes to bed at night. We also can't shut his door at night anymore, he flips out! We were leary of this at first cause what's going to stop him from getting out of bed, but so far he has done really well and stays in bed till morning. He loves reading books with us, however his favorite one at the moment is Elmo's 12 days of Christmas and you know how that song goes, it takes forever, and yes I sing it :) He really is a good boy, he just tests us at times. One minute he is a little devil and the next he is snuggling up to me saying "love you Mommy" and those are the moments that make all the running, yelling, toy throwing, mess making days all worth it.

Here are pics of Harper at 8 weeks:

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