Friday, February 19, 2010

Potty training

Well I am happy to say that Pax is potty trained!! WOO HOO! I had been putting this off for a while because our pediatrician said that there was no use trying BEFORE we had Harper, and then AFTER we had her I was recovering from c-section, sick with walking pnemonia, bruised a rib and was exhausted!! Needless to say, potty training was the furthest thing from my mind. However, I had given myself a deadline of having it done by the time he was 2 1/2 which would be in April, so I knew I had to start cracking down on it. We had practiced going to the potty a lot and he was good at it, I just was not brave enough to let him only wear underwear, but let's face it pull-ups are just glorified diapers and he would still go in them. My first weekend at attempting this with underwear only was a disaster! After having them on for only an hour he walked OUT of the BATHROOM and peed on the floor!!! I stood there with my mouth hanging open thinking "did I seriously just watch him come out of the bathroom and pee on my carpet?" So those underwear came off, pull-ups went on and I had decided my child wearing diapers forever wasn't a totally bad thing as long as my carpet stayed pee free. The next weekend is when Josh and I went to Vegas and my sister and her fiance (still weird to say that) stayed with the kiddos and Sarah decided to try the underwear thing again. We got home Sunday and she said he had been doing great and the key thing was taking him to the bathroom every 30 min. Soooo, we kept up with it and now 2 weeks later he is potty trained. We still put him in a diaper at night but our daycare lady isn't putting one on him at nap and he has not had a single accident!! He actually has NEVER had an accident while at daycare, which makes me so happy! I really thought this was going to be a lot harder, I have heard so many horror stories about potty training boys, but it has been really easy so I guess we are lucky. He seems like such a big boy now that he is wearing underwear, long gone are the huge bulky diapers that crinkle when he walks and sticks out of his pants.....and speaking of pants, all of his are too big now that he doesn't have a diaper to hold them up, it's hilarious to see his little saggy butt in his jeans. I am so happy to only have one in diapers now!!

Harper is doing well and I am also happy to say that she is sleeping 8 hours at night!!!! Let's have another WOO HOO for that!!! Pax didn't sleep for 8 hours until he was 1, so this is a dream (or a miracle). I wish I could say that I was enjoying her sleeping through the night, however Paxton has been getting up EVERY night for about 2 weeks now because he is scared of the dark and wants us to sleep with him. He has a night light on, and the closet light on, so I dunno how he can be scared of the dark when it's anything BUT dark in his room. It looks like the middle of the day it's so bright in there!!! It has been taking us 2 hours to get him back to sleep each night. This consists of us walking in there and calmly telling him to go to sleep we are right across the hall and there is nothing to be afraid of, well that's what we say the first 30 min. The next 30 min consists of us bribing him with candy, stickers, a pony, ANYTHING if he would just go to sleep. The NEXT 30 min consists of us pulling our hair out in exhaustion and almost crying because he is still up crying. And then we finally just tune him out and fall asleep and at some point he does too. I know it would be easier to just let him sleep with us or us sleep with him, but I am not going down that slippery slope again. So if anyone has any advice on what to about this little "situation" I would appreciate it.

Wow this post turned into a novel!! I have not blogged forever and so please excuse my rambling. I must go to sleep now, I figure I can maybe get a few good hours of sleep in before our night of hell begins all over again. I was going to add pics, but for some reason it's not letting me, so no pics tonight. Will probably have lots after the weekend, I am going back to Manhattan to hang with my sisters...can't wait!!!

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  1. Your nights sounds like our nights. Jaxon gets up everynight at around midnight and runs into my room. It takes awhile to get him back asleep and then if I put him back in his bed he is up again in an hour of so!! AHHHH!!!! Jace is back up every few hours now too eating. He slept through the night for 1 month and now wakes up again! I just believe us moms are not meant to sleep! Good Luck