Thursday, June 10, 2010

Harper 6 months

Harper is now 6 months, that's half a year of her life over and half a year of her life left before she is 1!!!!!!!! It's unreal, it's going to go so fast and I don't want it to. I want time to slow down and her to stay my baby forever. But she won't, before I know it she is going to be a teenager, rolling her eyes at me because I am SOOO uncool, telling me to leave her alone and slamming doors in my face. So I guess I should enjoy this time while I can, when she looks at me and grins so big like I am totally the COOLEST person in the world (I know I'm not, but she doesn't know that!!) The next few months are going to be full of lots of firsts, crawling, teeth, standing, walking......aaaaahhh what happened to my little tiny baby?!?!? This month there were some firsts also. Eating baby food everyday, sitting up, shorter naps (yeah I'm not diggin this one), sleeping longer stretches at night (TOTALLY diggin this one) AND her first time in a pool (she did great, loved it, think she is going to be a little fishy like her brother)!! She is still such an easy goin little gal. She loves being outside, I put her in her stroller and we sit on the driveway FOREVER and watch Pax ride bikes. It's a great way to pass an evening when it's just the kiddos and I.

What Harper is doing at 6 months of age:

1. Sitting up unassisted for long stretches of time....then she gets distracted and reaches for a toy and BOOM down she goes

2. Eats babyfood 3 times a day:
Breakfast=rice cereal mixed with pear juice (helps constipation) also has some fruit usually bananas or applesauce
Lunch= a vegetable, loves squash and sweet potatoes
Dinner= vegetable and a fruit
In between all that she is eating 4 oz of formula about every 3 hours except in the evenings and at night she goes longer. She still gets up around 4 am for a feeding but has also skipped that feeding a few times and went all the way to 6 am. She goes back to bed after eating and sleeps until 7:00-7:30. The doctor says it's totally normal for her to get up once a night to eat until she is 9 months. Honestly I still don't mind that much cause she goes right back down and if she doesn't we just put her in her crib and she talks and plays until she finally puts herself back to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I will love it when she sleeps ALL night but she is a growin girl and I guess she just still needs that bottle.

3. She pretty much cat naps all day but she does have a pretty nice late afternoon/early evening nap everyday. She goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 each night and is pretty grumpy if it's any later than that.

4. She is only on formula now, I am done nursing(yeah!!!!!) It took a little over a month to wean her off and she did just fine. I thought I would miss it a little bit but honestly I don't. It was great for the 6 months I did it, but it is so liberating to not have my entire day revolve around nursing and pumping!!! I am especially enjoying the extra hour of sleep every morning since I don't have to get up and nurse then pump before I start getting ready for work. A friend of mine wants me to start running with her in the morning but I told her I am going to enjoy this sleeping thing for a while then I would do it (MAYBE Brandi, don't get too excited I am still scared to run with a pro like you).

5. She has turned into a crazy position sleeper. She refuses to sleep on her back now and sleeps on her tummy and side and ALL OVER HER BED!! She is in a new position/spot everytime I check on her. She is just like her brother.

6. She is giving kisses now, if you kiss her on her cheek she turns her mouth to you and grabs your face and gives you a full on kiss, slobber and all!!! Nice :)

Oh and a big ol' first is that she got her first dog....actually it's the first dog for our entire family. We have had Buddy for almost a week and he is already testing our patience and sometimes I feel like I have 3 kids. But he is also only a year old so still somewhat a puppy and honestly is a good dog for the most part. Not so much the other day since he got out of his kennel while we were at work and got into trash and had it strewn all over our house (including dirty diapers). He also ate a pan of homeade bread I had on the stove, got into his dog treats and ate that entire bag, pooped twice in kitchen, peed twice in living room, slept in both Pax's bed and our bed (the pillows were all messed up that's how we knew) got on the furniture (a big no-no) and who else knows what he did while we were gone but he obviously had quite the hayday.. He is so lucky Josh came home first and cleaned it up cause this lady here would have had a FREAK OUT if I came home to that. I have scrubbed my carpet and febreezed like crazy and have pretty much decided Harper may never crawl or walk since I might not ever allow her on the contaminated carpet (yes I know that's dramatic but GROSS!!) He has been very mellow all night, I think he feels bad for what he did and probably also has tummy ache after all the stuff he ate!!! Stupid dog, but I do love him.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that she is teething so she drools and chews on her hands constantly!!


  1. cute post but WEAK pictures. Get with it!! I didn't even know she was eating all that baby food. pics please! Can't believe she is sitting on her own... big girl!!!

  2. yeah I have been awful with pictures lately, dunno what my deal is!! Sometimes it's such a pain to always take pics then I don't get to enjoy what we are doing. I will try to do better :) yes she is eating all kinds of food and she loves it all.