Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our ruined weekend...

Yesterday I packed the kiddos up and headed to KC to stay with my sister and go to a baby shower today for a good college friend of mine. Well that was the plan at least, but I should know by now that NOTHING goes as planned when you have kids AND live in Kansas. Warning: this is a pretty lengthy post, can't say I didn't warn ya :)

Harper has had a cough for a few days now and yesterday (Friday) it did start to sound pretty croupy (for those who don't know what that means it sounds more like a hoarse barking than a cough). She didn't have any other symptoms so I didn't think too much of it and went ahead and went to KC. Well once we got there she had gotten worse and was now wheezing. After googling croup, my sister and Mom and I decided she was not bad enough to need medical attention. She was eating fine, acting fine, laughing, playing, etc. She slept pretty good that night, coughed a lot but stayed asleep. She started crying at 6 am so I went to get her and she was burning up!!! Her wheezing was a lot worse as was her cough. I decided to try to feed her....bad idea!!! The formula only made her cough worse and she started gasping for air and couldn't get a good breath in. I ran upstairs and woke up my sister and we both decided she needed to see a doctor ASAP!! I threw some clothes on while Sarah googled the closest hospital then I ended up having to take her car and cell phone cause I couldn't find my stupid car keys and my phone was about to die (go figure right?) I went to Childrens Mercy first only to see a sign outside that said no emergency care.....SERIOUSLY!!! So I turned around and headed back up the street to Menorah hospital. They were so great and got us right in. She was still wheezing pretty bad and coughing but she was also smiling away at all the nurses who came in to help her. Her fever was at 102.3 and they could tell she was pretty sick. They went ahead and gave her a breathing treatment which consisted of me holding an oxygen mask in front of her face so she could breathe it in, a steroid shot in her leg for her lungs, and tylenol (in her bottom) to help with the fever. She also had to have a tube put down her nose for drainage and to check for RSV, THEN a chest x-ray (which ended up being clear). Poor baby girl was so exhausted too and would just fall asleep in my arms when someone else would come in to poke or prod her. Then she would start crying these big ol' tears that just broke my heart. There is nothing worse than seeing your child sick and upset, makes me tear up just thinking about it again. After 2 hours they discharged us, there is not a whole lot you can do for croup, breathing treatments, cool mist vaporizers and tylenol is about it. I decided we should probably go ahead and go back to El Dorado, Josh hated that we were all the way in KC and he couldn't be there with his little girl. Soooo.....we're going to head back to El Dorado right? WRONG! Mother nature decided to dump gallons of rain on KC for the next few hours. So we hang out at Sarah and Derek's and wait for it to clear up, all the while I am stressed that I am going to have to drive in bad weather again, that Harper is going to wheeze/cough and cry the whole way home and Pax would cry too cause we had to leave and he didn't get to swim. We left after lunch and contrary to my fears I didn't drive in rain that long, and the kids slept almost the whole way home. I feel so awful that I missed my friends shower (Amy if you're reading this I hope it was great and I am sad I didn't make it, I really wanted to see you and your baby bump) but if felt so good to get home plus we have a neublizer here so I have been able to give her a couple breathing treatments and that is helping a lot. She has still been pretty fussy and I can tell she still doesn't feel good, but her breathing is sounding better so that makes me feel A LOT better!! I am hoping the night goes well and we all get some sleep. I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open to type this. So needless to say, our weekend of swimming, possibly the zoo, a baby shower and spending time with my family turned into a trip to the ER and lots of rain...............such is life.

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