Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Funday

After all the drama at the beginning of the weekend, we managed to end the weekend on a good note. Harper slept pretty well all night, and only needed one breathing treatment really early this morning. She has been fever free since yesterday afternoon (Saturday) and was all smiles when she woke up today, jabberin away as I changed her diaper and fed her. The breathing treatments seem to be working and her cough sounds a million times better!!

Here comes Buddy...

Here lick my hand then I will stick it in my mouth, my Mom totally loves this (yuck yuck yuck)!!

She loves him though and squeals whenever he comes around.

I was up all night with an awful migraine, my whole head was pounding and every noise and light made me want to throw up. I finally fell asleep sometime after 3 am only to be up at 4:30 to give Harper her treatment. Needless to say I was exhausted this morning and the headache wasn't AS bad but still not pleasant. Josh really wanted to take Pax to Wichita to do something fun so I sucked it up and we all headed out to the big city :) We ate lunch at Cheddar' yummo!!! Then we went to the bowling alley and played a couple games. This was Pax's first time bowling and he loved it, however he is still grasping the concept of waiting your turn and didn't understand why he couldn't bowl whenever he wanted to.........sorry buddy Mommy and Daddy wanna have some fun too. I ended up beating Josh both games. HE will say he let me win but I know better, he was totally bringin his A game today and failed miserably :) Then we played some arcade games, again I totally kicked Josh's butt in skee-ball. Poor Pax had to just stand there and watch us while we played heated game after heated game (can you picture it) BUT he did get a ton of tickets out of it and got to get himself an airplane (a tiny little cheap thing that ACTUALLY cost us about 10 bucks in game tokens!!!). Harper did great, she just hung out in her stroller and watched us and then eventually fell asleep. I am so glad to see her almost back to her normal self.

Josh showed him how to do it the first few times, then he DID NOT want our help!!

Happy girl just sitting and watching us.
Doin it on his own.

Not even kidding, it took about 5 minutes for that stupid ball to get all the way down the lane!
Please notice the score, I won both games!! Not to gloat or anything but....ok totally gloating!! And I must say, Pax did pretty good holding his own for being his first time, not that the bumpers had ANYTHING to do with that, right?
It was a fun way to end a weekend that started out pretty scary. I am glad it wasn't a total bust and Pax was able to have some fun after all. He still asked for Auntie Sarah when he woke up this morning :( We will have to make another trip there soon, but this time I will make sure the kids are 100% healthy and there is no rain in the forecast!!!


  1. Aw it looks like you guys had a blast! I think Pax is a better bowler then I am! So sad you guys had to leave and I didn't get to take Pax anywhere fun (unless you call the vet fun) but we'll do something the wkd you guys are here in July. Can't believe you put a bow on Harper for once. ADORABLE!

  2. love harper's bow! bowling and playing video games is so much fun. glad ya'll had a good one

  3. sooo cute!! pax and harper looked adorable yesterday!! Glad you guys had a fun family sunday!