Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week In Review

Now that it is summer, it seems like we are always busy busy busy. We try to spend as much time as possible outside. I am already dreading winter and those long awful evenings being stuck inside. Pax's t-ball got cancelled again Monday due to wet fields, he has yet to have a practice!! Poor kid keeps asking to play baseball too. I went ahead and signed him up for gymnastics for Monday nights also. He will have gymnastics from 5-5:30 then t-ball from 6-6:45. Yes I realize that's a lot for a 2 1/2 year old for one night, but that kid has so much energy that he can handle it. His gymnastics class is all boys and it's the Just 3's class (even though Pax is still 2) which means that I don't need to be in the class with him anymore!!! Last week was his first week and he did so good without me in there with him. I swear kids are always worse for their parents than for other people. When he was in Just 2's, I spent most the class chasing him and telling him to listen, this past week he did everything Miss Jamie asked and sat nicely and waited his turn!! Punk

This week was also my first week in my new position at work, Youth and Family Coordinator. I am so excited about this new venture and can't wait to bring some fresh ideas and programs to our Y. Not to brag or anything but we have an awesome facility!! I am excited to get an active older adult (that's Y speak for senior citizens) group together and do fun stuff with them like games in the lobby, day trips and eventually weekend trips. We have some pretty fun older members, they may be old but they are younger at heart and more fit than a lot of middle aged people I know!! Another thing I will be focusing on is establishing a teen leadership program and more teen opportunities at the Y. I am excited to work with this age group as well, we are going to plan some fun things for these kids to do and hopefully keep them out of trouble :) I will also be in charge of birthday parties and our preschool program that we have. Phew, it will be a lot of change for me and I am sure I will make mistakes along the way, but I am ready!! Everyone at work is really excited for me and made me feel very welcome at my first staff meeting on Friday. I got pretty lost cause they kept throwing out all these numbers and terms that I didn't understand but I will learn fast I hope. If not, I will just sit in the meetings every week with a dumb grin on my face and yell out things like "I love lamp!!" (it's from Anchorman for those of you who didn't get that at all).

On Friday, the kids and I went to the Relay for Life here in town to show support for Josh's Mom who is an 8 year survivor of breast cancer!! It was very special to be there for her and to see all these cancer survivors. It was SO HOT outside, but there isn't anywhere else we would have rather been, then right there with her. We watched her as she walked the survivor lap, then we got to get on the track and walk with her for the team lap. I am not sure why I decided to do almost all the pics in black and white, but I like it that way. The theme for the relay was hawaiin so Deb's team was called the Heavenly Hawaiins, hence the angel wings.

Survivor lap.

These are the people who are the longest cancer survivors, how cute is the old lady in the middle?

They passed the banner down the line, this the 5-9 year survivors.

This is their team lap. We got to walk with them.

At 10 pm they put glow sticks in all the bags that lined the whole track. They were dedicated to the survivors and the people who passed away from cancer. We didn't stay for that, but I am sure it would have been awesome to see. This is Deb's bag.

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