Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

So I already posted these pics on facebook, but need to post them on here for our family who doesn't facebook. We had so much fun yesterday. Walter's Pumpkin Patch is AWESOME! I did some new photo editing with Picasa, I might be a little obsessed with that now. It took me an HOUR, but I had so much fun doing it. Check it out online, it's free to download and you can do some cool things with your pics.

Here is my funny Mom story for the week (and it's only Monday!):

I was checking my facebook tonight, and Pax was sitting at his desk (I THOUGHT he was coloring). He is 3 (well almost, little less than a month to go) so I don't really watch every little thing he does. All of a sudden I saw him grab his bath towel off the floor (hadn't gotten around to hanging it back up after bath, whatever) and he starts spitting into it. I look closer at him and his whole mouth is BLACK!! I jump off the couch and run to him not knowing if he is coughing up blood or his LIVER and then I see it......the black crayon. WHAT! He has huge chunks of it in his teeth, his tongue is completely black, he is drooling blackness, it's a big huge black mess!!! I made him gargle water and spit it out and then brushed his teeth for like an hour. I am pretty sure it will take a week to get it all out of his teeth. I didn't take a picture of it cause I was FREAKIN OUT the whole time wondering if he was going to throw up, or I dunno.... DIE!!!! Gah! I am pretty sure it's safe though, they're non-toxic right? Oh life with kids......never a dull moment. Hey maybe that should be the name of my blog ( I have been wanting to re-name it) "Never a Dull Moment" cause that pretty much describes my life. Earlier tonight I looked down the hall to see where Harper had crawled off to, and I see her standing on top of a Lego box in Paxs room!!! Sheesh!

I know I have a ton more pics of Harper than Pax, but he was NOT wantin me to take his picture. HERE and HERE are my blog posts about the pumpkin patch last year. It makes me so sad to see how little Pax was (me? not so much). So much changes in 1 year!!

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  1. you're outnumbered and they are plotting against you!! ha ha ha!!

    after looking at the pics from last year I realized you still have clothes to give me!!! I didn't know pax had a lil buckaroo shirt?! (now i remember) and I WANT that hat (doubt it will fit aiden's DOME)

    i know you're busy but PLEASE bring me ALL clothes 24mo-2T... gracias :) can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!!