Monday, January 31, 2011

I did it!!

What did I do? I ran a 5k! I know what some of you are thinking "big freakin deal, it's only 3.2 miles" but to me it IS a big deal, let me tell you why.

I have had a strong disdain for running my entire life, hated it, wouldn't do it, no thank you, not me.

When I was little I wanted my Mom to buy me a Barbie Ferrari so I could DRIVE the 2 blocks to my friend Cecilia's house instead of walk or (gasp) run! I mean a car just seemed so much more practical to me, and way cooler. I never got the Barbie Ferrari (not bitter or anything, MOM!) So I was forced to walk or ride my bike, not fair.

In middle school we had a running unit. When I heard this news I cried a little bit, then proceeded to use every excuse in the book not to participate. I faked asthma (I don't have asthma) and even brought my sisters inhaler with me and took a puff in front of the teacher to show her I had asthma and couldn't run. I got out of running, but I threw up from that one puff I took (note to self, if you don't have asthma, don't use the inhaler medicine). I faked a sprained ankle, menstrual cramps, stomach ache, etc etc etc. You name it, I tried it! Then the dreaded day came....the timed one mile run in city park!!! We walked to the park from the school and the whole time I am borderline hysterical. I did it though, I ran/walked, and I am pretty sure that mile took the entire gym period, but I did it. Then I swore I would never run again...ever!!!

I worked out before my wedding and would do the elliptical, and weights but not the treadmill. I would get on the elliptical BEHIND the treadmill and watch Long Legs McGee as she ran and she made it look so easy, so one day I tried it....I got on the treadmill, started walking, then running, then stopped....after a minute. Holy moly, why can't I breathe? My legs are on fire! This is pure torture, who would ever CHOOSE to do this? For FUN? Gah!

Fast forward to this past summer, I am working at the YMCA and started hanging out with one of the trainers there, Brandi. This girl is a rockstar runner, she has run 7 FULL MARATHONS!! She wanted me to start running with her in the mornings, even though I told her my motto for running was "I don't do it unless being chased" but she persisted (if you know her, this does not come as a shock to you) and I gave in. So I started meeting her at the Y in the early mornings and started running. Slowly. Very slowly. I would run for 2 min, walk for 3. A few weeks later I was running 3, walking 2. A few weeks after that I was running 5, walking 1. And then it happened....I was just running! I got sick in September and couldn't run and then I just stopped working out all together. The weather got colder, then the holidays came, excuses excuses excuses (if you know ME, this does not come as a shock to you).

After new years I had had enough, it was time to get back in the game. I heard about the Groundhog Run in KC so I sucked it up, and registered for it. There! Now I had a reason to get my butt back in the gym! So for the past month I have been getting up at 6:15 and running on the treadmill at the Y. 5 days a week, even on Saturday a couple times!! I was determined to run this race and get a good time. I had done a 5k early in the summer (before I started running) and finished in 50 minutes.....50 minutes!!??!!! I am embarassed to even admit this, but this blog is all about brutal honesty people.

Bright and early Sunday morning, my Mom and I headed to Hunt Midwest Metropolis about 30 minutes away from my sisters house. We pull up and there are people everywhere!! Over 3,200 people signed up for the race!!! So not only did I sign up for my first "official" 5k but I just happened to choose one of the largest! No pressure!!

I wanted to turn around and go home, I wanted to throw up, I wanted to cry. But I didn't, I stretched, I got in line with the other runners, went to the happy place in my mind, and I ran. I wanted to stop a few times, I wanted to give up, but then I thought of my Mom waiting for me at the finish line. I thought about my friends that came from El Dorado (they were running the 10k at 10 am) who were watching for me too. And I kept going, I saw my friend Mary Gaffey when I got close to the finish line and she started cheering then got beside me and ran with me and told me not to give up and to just finish. And I did it, I finished, with a time of 31.54. Woo hoo!!

I am already looking at doing more races. I have a new time to beat after all :)

Sorry for the crappy pictures, we forgot the camera in the van so these are all cell phone pics.

Before the race....(did I mention the run was inside a cave? Just in case you were wondering
where the heck I was).

After the race...hence the red face :)

Me and B!! After my race but before hers (she ran the 10k)


  1. Way to go Amy! I commented on Amber's that I had no idea you ran so it was fun to read your story about running. I was always into sprints when I was younger but the thought of anything over a mile was out of the question for me. In fact one summer I did track with a club here in town and it was full of kids 5 years younger than me that could kick my butt! Then, I met Kris and she got me started on casual 3 milers, then 10K's, then a few half marathons, and proudly my very first full (a year ago this March.) I can remember running the St. Patty's Day race not too many years back with my girlfriend Audrey and thinking I was going to DIE (it was like 1.5 miles :).) It is funny how "Mind over Matter" running really is. You definitely have to run smart, stretch, and listen to your body etc. but it is SO doable for anyone I think.

  2. Thanks Emily, I am not sure if I will ever do a half marathon or a full for that matter, but never say never. I sure didn't think I would even be running!! Where did you run the full?

  3. When Audrey was doing fieldwork for her OT school I went to visit her in Norfolk VA and ran it on VA Beach. The weather was PERFECT. My sister drove up from AL to watch. I don't know if I will ever do it again or not but I sure would like to. Disney World has one in January that they do and you get to run through the park. I would LOVE to make it to that one and make it a family vacation too.

  4. I am SO proud of you Amy! I never thought that my sister that would rather read a book then do any sort of physical activity would be the first (and probably one) one in the family to fun a 5K. Keep up the hard work and you'll be ready for a 10K in no time.